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Pan Celtic


CSANA Bibliography - Online bibliography database from the Celtic Studies Association of North America.

CISP: Celtic Inscribed Stone Project - Includes Ogam and other inscribed stones (not Runes) stones from 400-1000 AD. Techie interface. From University College London

University of Vienna Celtic Department - Has a variety of Celtic material, some of it in German.

University of Vienna Celtic Department Ressourcen/Resources page which includes images of ancient Celtic texts ("Primärtexte") and downlodable fonts ("heruntergeladen").

Books for Scholars (www.booksforscholars.com) - Specializing in Celtic books. Have not used this yet, but it has good word of mouth.

*Lancastar LER for British Indigenous Languages - Language Engineering Resources for British Indigenous Languages. Includes preliminary reports and links.

Art & Archaeology

Celtic Art and Culture - A University of North Carolina course site with great interactive features depicting the history and special features of Celtic art.

Christopher Gwinn Celtic Studies - Information about Celtic in general, especially Gaulish.

*Bad Celtic Pages - My humourous attempt (I hope) to correct some serious misconceptions on Celtic.

Digital Midievalast Opinionated FAQs - Similar in spirit to the Bad Celtic Pages with some different questions.

Clothing of the Ancient Celts - A nice Web site which splits out information by era and region and points out there there are no genuine Welsh tartans.


Aon Celtic Knotwork Tutorials - With clear step-by-step instructions and graphs on a variety of topics. Her calligraphy is excellent as well. Plus there's a free Aon Cari font for downloads.

Constructing A Celtic Knot - Another guide with graphs. Samples with grids are also available.

Celtic Clip Art UK (www.celtic-clipart.co.uk) - Free Celtic clip art and fonts for non-commercial use. Just remember to credit this nice site.

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Brythonic was the form of Celtic spoken in Britain at the time of the Roman Empire. After the Roman Empire left, Anglo Saxon invaders/colonists pushed the Brythonic population West where it split into Welsh and Cornish. Breton was the form of Brythonic taken by Celtic colonists re-settling Brittany in this era.

Pan Brythonic

Brythonic Clause Structure - Homepage from the year 2000 syntax seminar, but lots of good information.

Cymdeithas Cymru-Llydaw - AKA Kevredigigezh Kembre-Breizh or Wales Brittany Society. Bilingual Welsh Breton.

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Breizh Net - Basic language information. Also available in French or Breton. Includes "Breton Internet Words" Vocabulary list.

Breton Consonant Mutation Chart - Very handy

SMO Breton Links & SMO Breton Lessons - SMO is a Gaelic language school in Scotland which maintains a variety of Celtic language resources.

Kervarker - Online forum about Breton, but some Breton grammar in lower left menu.


Dico Geriadur - Online Breton French dictionary.

Breizhoo - Travel site in Brittany in French.

Coiffes (Lace Caps) de Bretagne - Not a lot whole lot of information, but beautiful pictures of the elaborate lace confections.

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Mark Nodine's Welsh Course - A full-fledged online course with searchable dictionary and grammatical references in the appendix.

Welsh Pronunciation Tips - Also has a page of myths.

Welsh Pronunciation Guide - Based on Mark Nodine & Briony Williams. Has audio files

Welsh Links - The page is in Welsh, but the links are excellent. Scroll to bottom to see links. Manylinks are bilingual or English only.

Welsh Joint Education Committee - Mostly information about programs, language exams and books.


Lampeter Welsh English Dictionary - Bilingual dictionary. Forces you to select part of speech. Also available in English.

University of Wales Translation Lists - Specialized lists of terminilogy used by the University of Wales translation unit.

BBC Cymru Clic Clic Computer Terms - Computer words in Welsh.

GeoNative Welsh Place Names - A list of place names in Welsh.

Welsh Language Board (www.bwrdd-yr-iaith.org.uk) - Contains statistics and information about Welsh language use.

Welsh-Termau-Cymraeg - Listserv about translating specific terms into Welsh. Language is Welsh only.

Cymraeg-L - Listserv for Welsh leaners.


History and Status of the Welsh Language - Aimed for a general audience, this effectively answers the question "Isn't Welsh a dialect of English"?

BBC History of Welsh Companion Web Site - Some interesting resources, although one page incorrectly Welsh to 500 BC.

Social History of the Welsh Language Book Series - Some reports available online.

Geriadur Prifysgol Cymru - An informational page for the major Welsh language dictionary out of the University of Wales (Aberystwyth). Interesting reading about how a dictionary of this scale is comipled.

The Great Auk/Penguin Page - Is penguin a Welsh origin or a Latin word? A discussion of the debate here.


BBC Cymru (www.bbc.co.uk/cymru) - The Welsh language BBC news page with live Real Audio feed. Not to be confused with the English language BBC Wales.

Chris Grooms Welsh Authors - Information about Middle Welsh and Modern Welsh literature including annotated texts.

Llys Arthur - A good site which lays out the Welsh literary and historical references to King Arthur. As author poinbts out, chronology is speculation only.

New Welsh Music - Music in Modern Wales ranges from punk to disco and lots in between. This is a set of links to different bands in Welsh (Welsh, English and bilingual). Many audio samples available. Bonus trendy interface!

Welsh Love Spoons - General introduction to the custom on the Welshlove spoon.

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Middle Welsh

Reading Middle Welsh Course - Online edition of the late Gareth Morgan's Reading Middle Welsh. Uses Modern Welsh orthography.

Mabinogi Bibliograpy - List of key articles about the Middle Welsh Mabinogi.

National Library of Wales Black Book of Carmarthen - From the National Library of Wales. See images of manuscript. Part of Digital Mirror Collection.

Llys Arthur - A good site which lays out the Welsh literary and historical references to King Arthur. As author poinbts out, chronology is speculation only.

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The last native speaker died in the 18th century, but Cornish may have been used later in certain ritual or ceremonial settings. An active revival movement has been continuing since the early 20th century.

Agan Tavas (Our Language) (www.agantavas.org.uk) - Forum and language information. Lots of language preservation news. Bilingual Cornish English. Encyclopedia Link has online dictionaries.

Cornish English Dictionary - Gerlyver Kernewek-Sawsnek

Vocabularium Cornicum - Online edition of Vocabularium Cornicum, See http://www.carlaz.com/cornish/voccorn.txt for actual data.

Kernewek Dre Lyther Spelling System - An overview of the different Cornish spelling systems.

Chris Dunkerley Cornish Language Page - Covers history of Cornish and spelling system controversy. Just scroll on down.

N.J.A. Williams Cornish Spelling System Articles - One of the many issue facing revived Cornish.

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King Arthur & Roman Britain

Linnguistically and archaolgically oriented materials for the study of late Roman Britain and the Early Dark Ages, the time when the historical King Arthur is posited. This list will probaly move, but in the meantime...

Llys Arthur - A good site which lays out the Middle Welsh literary and historical references to King Arthur. As author poinbts out, chronology is speculation only.

Early British Kingdoms - Overview of the pre-Norman (Dark Ages) British kingdoms (& Brittany) with maps, sources and royal geneologies.

Vortigern Studies - Lots of Dark Age Britain resources.

Romano British Placenames - All Latinized

Celtic Tribes of Britain - Links to information on Roman era Celtic tribes.

Early Medieval Resources for Britain Ireland and Brittany - Has Kings lists and Calendar of Saints

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Goedelic was the form of Celtic spoken in Ancient Ireland. The attested forms include Primitive Irish (Ogam), Old Irish and Middle Irish. In the early Christian era, Irish colonists brought Old Irish to the Highlands and the Isle of Man. There was a certain amount of political and cultural unity in this region until about the 16th century. After that, Middle Irish diverged into Modern Irish, Scottish Gaelic and Manx, although speakers are said to be able to learn to understand different languages within about a week.


Ogam or Ogham was a script used to write Primitive Irish gravestones and other stone memorials. It not identical to runes.

TITUS Ogam Inscriptions (Ogam-Inschriften)- A catalog of the major Ogam stones with close-up photo, Roman transliteration, Ogam inscription and suggested readings. Requires special Unicode Ogam font. Includes a bibliography. Some German text.

Ogam Bibliography - A list of readings for Ogam and other Celtic resources.

CISP: Celtic Inscribed Stone Project - Includes Ogam and other inscribed stones (not Runes) stones from 400-1000 AD. Techie interface. From University College London

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Old Irish

A distinct form of Goedelic attested from about 700-1000 A.D.


Old Irish Spelling and Pronunciation - From Dennis King.

SMO Old Irish Dictionary - Still in pilot stage and gives the citation form only. Page is in Irish, but interface is simple as long as you remember that Bèarla is English

Learning Old Irish - Tips for learning and working with Old Irish texts.

MacBain's Etymological Dictionary Online - Technically Scottish Gaelic, but provides Old Irish forms and Irish cognates. Slow Download, but worth it.


Annotated Táin Bó Cúailgne - Bilingual edition of the Táin Bó Cúalnge with chapters laid out in English and Old Irish columns. English translation from an out of print edition

Triads of Ireland - Lists Triads from the 1906 Kuno Meyer book The Triads of Ireland. Another Dennis King site.

CELT Irish Texts - Lists collection of Old Irish and Irish texts in the Corpus of electronic texts. Includes poetry section at bottom. Sponsored by Cork University.

Irish Script on Screen (www.isos.dcu.ie) - A repository of images from various Old Irish and Irish manuscripts. Includes Book of Leinster (Trinity College), Lebor na hUidre (Royal Irish Academy) and other manuscripts. Sorted by manuscript holder. Choose English or Irish view.

Gaelcho Fonts - Fonts which reproduce traditional Irish Gaelic letter forms along with the superscript dots. Free for non-commercial or use in any Irish or Gaelic language publication.

Old-Irish-L - Listserv for Old Irish issues.


Clarsach Net (www.clarsach.net) - Information on the Irish harp or clársach (Old Irish) with some Old Irish quotes. Also links and information on where to get CDs and lessons, and some audio and video clips. Covers later Irish and Scottish Gaelic periods.

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NOTE: This is sometimes called "Gaelic" although some speakers strongly object to this term. Gaelic is best used for Scottish Gaelic.


Eo Fasa Irish Course - Features online grammar, dialogues and other resources.

Focal an Lae (Word of the Day) - Unique resources for Irish fans and learners including proverbs, links and resources for beginners.

CARLA Virtual Picture Album: Ireland - Download images of Ireland, including Irish language signs.


English to Irish Dictionary - Look up the basic Irish words here.

Grammadach Irish Dictionary - It’s Irish to English only, but it lists out many important paradigms.

An Tobar Specialized Irish Vocabulary - Presents sets of Irish specialized vocabulary sorted by topic.

Acmhainn Specialized Irish Vocabulary - More specialized vocabulary. Web page in Irish.


Gaeltacht Map - A map showing areas where Irish is spoken natively.

Gaelcho Fonts - Fonts which reproduce traditional Irish Gaelic letter forms along with the superscript dots. Free for non-commercial or use in any Irish or Gaelic language publication.

Gaelic Listservs - A list of Irish-language Listervs and listservs for other Celtic languages. Includes Gaelic-L, Gaeilge-A (Irish only), Gaelige-B (bilingual/learners), and Seanachas-L (Gaelic folklore).

The Irish Curse Engine (An tInneal Mallachtaí) - Fill out the form, and your curse will be translated into Irish. Uses the subjunctive “may you...” construction. Also from Dennis King.

Antony Green's Irish Resources - Titles in Gaelic, but descriptions in English. Good language and grammar information.


Ireland's History in Maps - A series of detailed maps with description of events. Covers prehistory through Potato famine. Includes links and some bibliography.

RTE Irish News - Irish language news stories with audio clips.


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Scottish Gaelic

Properly pronounced as /gælIk/ or with a 'short a'.

Sounds of Gaelic/Fuaiman na Ghàidhlig - Basic information on Gaelic sounds with audio and phonetic transcription.

MacBain's Etymological Dictionary Online - Includes cognates in other Celtic languages. Slow Download, but worth it.

Leasain Na Ghàidhlig - Three lessons only, but has audio file.

SMO Gaelic Orthographic Conventions - The complexities of the spelling system...defined.

Scottish Gaelic Given Names - Still in the draft stage, but very informative.

SMO Gàidhlig air an Lìon - Set of Gaelic links, but text is in Gaelic. Includes Linguistic Terminology Dictionary (download canachas.doc)

Comann nam Pàrant/Gaelic Parents Organization - Mostly Gaelic, but some English

B.B.C. Alba - BBC's Gaelic language service.

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The last native speaker died in the 1970's, but there is a movement to revive this language.

SMO Yn Ghaeleg/Manx Gaelic - Has basic grammar, some texts and other resources.

SMO Manx Gaelic/Chengey ny Mayrey Vannin - Technical articles on the social history of Manx.

Manx Names in the Early 16th Century - Based on 1937 book by J.J. Keenan The Personal Names of the Isle of Man.

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This refers to the group of Celtic languages spoken in Europe in the Roman era, but they are not a single family per se. Celtiberian (Hispano-Celtic) is a very distinct form of Celtic, while Gaulish and Galatian (Turkey) are closely related to Brythonic.


Mots français d’origine gauloise - Alphabetic list of French words with purported Gaulish origins. Reconstructions given.

Corpus of Gaulish Inscriptions - Spells out the text of the inscriptions. May still be in progress.

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A form of Celtic spoken in Spain before the Roman Conquest. Many sites are in Spanish.

Spanish Celtic Connections - Site on Celts in Spain from Spain.

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