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Alaska’s Native Languages - Basic information, maps and family trees for Alaskan languages. From University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Eskimo Iñuit Words for Snow - Scroll down for an actual list. It is impressive enough, but English does OK. LinguistList posting, 1991. FYI - "Iñuit" is used in Canada/Greenland, but "Eskimo" considered OK in Alaska .

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North America

All North America

SSILA (Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas) - Has links, bibliography and other sources.

Inwewinan - Native American Languages - Links to pages about a variety of Native American languages and some folkore.

Native Languages Pages (North America) - Links to pages on North American indigenous languages including Hawaiian

New Mexico Pueblo Language Map - Provides a family list and a mini map of native American languages in New Mexico

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Specific Languages


Alabama Dictionary - Alabama English dictionary with some grammatical notes. Uses Dynamic fonts (works best with Netscape)



Cherokee Alphabet and Pronunciation Guide - Description of sounds corresponding to Cherokee syllabary Old site - http://joyce.eng.yale.edu/~joant/CherTabl.html

Cherokee Font Page - Information on how to download freeware Cherokee font



Cheyenne Language Web Site - Overview of Cheyenne language.



Cree Syllabics - Overview of Cree syllabary



John Koontz Siouan Language Page - Has basic FAQ and links. Currently a grad student. Siouan may have male/female speech issues. Also has an SIL custom font.


Central & South America

All Central & South America

LANIC Latin American Languages & Language Groups - Links to pages on native languages spoken in Latin America.

Lenguas de Chile - Links to pages on differenent indigenous groups of Chile. From the Universidad de Chile. In Spanish.

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An indigenous language of Chile.

Kawésqar Lengua y Cultura - Information about the Kawésqar language and people with some audio and video. In Spanish.

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Rabbit in the Moon Mayan Pages - Information about Mayan script, language and culture. Has a Mayan dialect map. Has a lovely anti-New Age rant.

Curso de Maya Yucateco - Yucatec Mayan course, in Spanish.

Maya Mathematics & Maya Astronomy - Information about the Maya counting system including Java applets.

Meso American Ballgame - Site about the famous ball game which started ca. 1800 BC.

U Texas Law in Mexico Before the Conquest - All about ative Aztec law, including court system. Based on Spanish documents and images. Some Maya law.

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The native language of the Aztecs.

Brief Notes on Classical Nahuatl - Quick overview of Nahuatl with links to additional resources.

Yale Nahuatl Institute Lessons - Basic lessons and some exericises for Nahuatl.

SIL La Familia Náhuatl / Nahuatl Family - Information about Nahuatl grammar and history. Bilingual Spanish English.

UMN Nahuatl-L Gateway - Sets of Nahuatl resources including names, Aztec calendar. You can also subscribe to the Listserv.

Nahuatl Culture - Links to Information about different aspects of Aztec culture.

U Texas Law in Mexico Before the Conquest - All about ative Aztec law, including court system. Based on Spanish documents and images. Some Maya law.

Aztec Calendar (MIT) - Overview of how Aztec calendar worked

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The native language of the Incas.

Quechua: Main Points for Linguists - Still under development, but extensive materials on phonology, including debate on the spelling system. However, he asks all missionaries to avoid this page (I'm not making that up). Fortunately, I'm just a linguist.

Penn Quechua Linguistics Page - Actually S.M. Coronel-Molina. Basically a set of links, but lots of German resources as well as Spanish. Some language planning material.

University of Wisconsin LSS Quechua Resources - Basic links.

Quechua Language Homepage - Includes a mini-course on Quechua.

Andes Org - Light Quechua material (jokes, stories, colors, Bible, etc), some audio.

Curso de Quechua - Online course in Quechua in Spanish.

El Quechua en Argentina - Horrible design (almost unreadable), but good information. In Spanish.

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