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African Resources on the Internet, Languages - A Penn resources which lists links on African languages.

Göteburg University African Languages - Reference materials, articles, and links for African languages, especially Bantu languages. Some text in Swedish.

African Language Families (Legacy Journal) - Good basic language charts for the major African language families. Aimed for genreal audience, but well-informed.

Africa Legacy Language Family - Good basic language charts for the major African language families


Penn African Multimedia Index - Downloadable images and maps on different themes. Read the small print before downloading.

African Languages at Penn - Links to some resources from Shona, Igbo, Twi and Wolof

Yale YGRALL - "Yale Guide to Resources in African Languages and Literatures." Contains resources for Swahili, Yoruba and Zulu.

National African Language Resource Center - Information about programs and materials for teaching African languages.


Languages of South Africa - Basic information about the languages of South Africa, especially Bantu and Khoisan. Gives alphabet with pronunciation, links and suggest grammars for each language.

African Languages Com (South Africa) - Information on the South African languages including local Bantu family trees


Stanford Africa South of the Sahara - An extensive collection of links searchable by country or by topic.

Africa: One Continent, Many Worlds Exhibits - An online version of the Los Angeles Natural History Museum featuring video and information on African culture and climate.

Life in Africa Fashion Show - Photo gallery of modern designs based on African themes and designs. Includes some information African traditional clothing in different countries.

Afropop Worldwide Radio Prpgram (www.afropop.org) - Program schedule, articles and some audio clips. Includes North Africa and Latin American music with African influences.

Journal for African Music and Popular Culture (NTAMA) - This online journal features articles on traditional and modern music originating from Africa.

New Africa Com - Information focuses primarily on business and travel, but includes references on regulations for different countries.

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Akan is one of the major languages of Ghana.

Akan Teleteaching Course

Ali Akan Online Course - Some demos lessons are available


Akan Cultural Symbols Project - Galley of Akan artistic motifs from different crafts with explanations. By George F. Kojo Arthur & Robert Rowe of Marshall University. Akan is a Niger-Kordofanian language.

Akan Metal Work - Also includes history and literature

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Bantu Languages

Bantu is a large language family of southern and Eastern Africa and includes prominent languages such as Swahili, Zulu and many others.

Bantu is a branch of the Niger-Kordofanian languages which includes additional languages in tropical Africa.

Bantu Languages - Includes basic maps and source information about Bantuand its historical development. Available in English or French.

Berkley CBOLD, Comparative Bantu Online Dictionary - Includes language reference maps, downloadable files and other resources.

Göteburg University African Languages - Reference materials, articles, and links for African languages, especially Bantu languages. Sponsor of Bantu-l. Some text in Swedish.

See also Pan-Africa.

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Bole Bo Pikka/Bole Language Page - Basic information and some texts for the Chadic language Bole. Part of the UCLA Aflang Program.

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Chadic Languages

Chadic is a branch of the Afro-Asiatic family whose other branches include Semitic, Berber and Egyptian.

Chadic Languages - Some basic information on Chadic including a family tree and some audio clips. Part of the UCLA Aflang Program.


Hausa is a prominent Chadic (Afro-Asiatic) language of Sub-Saharan Africa.

UCLA Hausa Online Pages - UCLA’s online material of Hausa including online grammar. Some portions still in development. Hausa is a prominent Chadic language.


Luganda is a Bantu language of East Africa.

Luganda (Buganda Home Page) - Information and basic Lugandan grammar.

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Swahili originated in the trade port of Zanzibar, but is now the lingua franca of Tanzania, Kenya Uganda and other East African countries. This is a Bantu language.


Penn State Swahili Web Site - Developed by E.T.S. and the Center for Language Acquisition for the Penn State Swahili Instructors. See also additional Center for Language Acquisiiton Swahili Resources.

Yale's Kamusi Project - Major archive for Swahili language including dictionatries and slideshow (Internet Explorer only). Listserv available.

Yale YGRALL Swahili - Additional resources from the Swahilli program.

Penn KiSwahili Exercises - Online exercises featuring audio and video listening exerices. Form allows students to e-mail answers to instructors.

Langmedia Everyday Swahili - Overview of culture and idioms behind everyday rituals in Tazania. Features authentic audio and video.

Southern Missouri State Swahili Resources - Lots of links organized by topic.


UCLA Language Profile of Swahili - Historical and linguistic overview of Zulu. Part of the UCLA Language Profiles.

Swahili Dialect Map (Kenya) - Part of Tim and Lara Beth's Kenya site. Source not specified.

Noun Classification in Swahili - An analysis of Swahili noun classes attempting to defiine sematic generalizations.

A Brief History of the Swahili Language - A general introduction covering social influences.


SwahiliOnline.com - General information about Swahili culture, including some music and poetry.

Tim and Lara Beth's Kenya - This site includes information on grammar and culture including sports, flags, national anthems, history, interactive map and more.

Masai Mara.com - Basic information on the Masai Mara as well as some photos of East African animals and scenery in the Photo Gallery ("PG"). Do not download photos without permission.

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Yoruba is one of the major languages of Nigeria.

Yale YGRALL Yoruba Language Resources - More resources being added.

Yoruba Metal Work - Also includes history and literature

Learn Yoruba - Very minimalist gramatical sketch

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Zulu is actually the language in South Africa with the largest number of speakers. I would expect this language to become even more prominent in the future. Both Zulu and Swahili are Bantu languages.


Yale YGRALL isiZulu Language Resources - More resources being added.

UCLA Language Profile of Zulu - Historical and linguistic overview of Zulu. Part of the UCLA Language Profiles. Zulu is a Bantu language in South Africa.


Eloquent Eloquence: Beadwork in Zulu Tradition - An excellent website which gives information on Zulu beadwork motifs and vocabulary. From Stan Schoeman.

See also Languages of South Africa

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