Linguistics Teaching Portfolio
By Dr. Elizabeth J. Pyatt

Technology in the Classroom

Audio Links

I rarely use Powerpoint in the classroom, but I like to play audio clips for sounds of the world in the classroom. This can be done via links to phonetics sites (see below) or by playing CD-ROMs.

Why No Powerpoint (Yet)

Although Powerpoint is an excellent tool for many instructors, I have found that it does not always work well in small linguistics classes. The problems have been:

  1. Difficulty in working with phonetics fonts in PowerPoint; it's much easier to use Word or another word processor.
  2. I need to create a handout to include language data students will look at. Powerpoint presents extra work. In Word, I can create a PDF file of lecture handouts and post them in ANGEL.
  3. Most class have been small so that the need to project on a screen is less. I would prefer to teach using my handout as a reference and be able to approach students.

If I were to teach a large class, especially an intro level class, I would probably switch to Powerpoint.

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Last Update: July 21, 2006