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This Listserv is dedicated to news and open discussion of theoretical issues of synchronic and diachronic linguistics of Celtic languages in general. Topics can include (but are not restricted to), theoretical implications for linguistic phenomenon in Celtic languages; representations of phonological, morphological and syntactic structures in Celtic languages; announcments and comments on other issues impacting Celtic languages; and news of publications and events in Celtic linguistics and language.

This list is open to anyone, but we ask that listmembers primarliy stick to the topic as stated in the mission.

All messages will be previewed by the moderator before being released to the Listserv. This blocks e-mail spam messages and other innappropriate messages from being posted to the Listserv.

Policy on Attachments

Due to the prevalence of viruses and worms as well as issues of bandwidth, e-mail attachments will be prohibited on this Listserv. This includes any graphics or media files you may embed in an e-mail message.

If you wish to share a graphic or media file with the list, we suggest that it be posted on a web site and that you send the URL. If you wish to share an announcement from a word-processor file, we suggest that you cut and paste the text into an e-mail message.

Language Policy

This list covers all Celtic languages (Irish, Welsh, Gaelic, Breton, Cornish, Manx, Gaulish...) so to ensure that the majority of members will be able to read postings, the primary language of this Listserv is English.

Memebrs are welcome to post in any other language, provided a short English summary is provided at the bottom of the message. For instance, if you wish to announce a conference with location and time details in another language, all you need say is in English that you are announcing a conference.


Given the mission of this Listserv, we wish to promote a professional and courteous tone. In addition, not all Listserv members may have a large bandwidth capacity. To that end Celtling suggests:

Please remember that all messages are read by the moderator who reserves the right to step in on conversations as deemed necessary.


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