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Pick the language to see a list of some print and online grammars and handbooks (including historical handbooks) available for it. This list may not be complete. If you would like to suggest another grammar or resource, please send a an e-mail to the moderator.

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Pan Celtic

Goedelic Brythonic Continental

Pan Celtic Handbooks

The Celtic Languages
Ball, Martin J. and Fife, James, eds. (1993) Routledge
A linguistically oriented description of the Celtic languages

The Celtic Languages (Cambridge Language Surveys)
MacAulay, Donald, ed. (1992) Cambridge University Press
Another linguistics oriented handbook

An Introduction to the Celtic Languages
Russell, Paul (1995) Longman Linguistics Library

A Concise Comparative Celtic Grammar, 3rd Edition
Lewis, Henry and Pedersem Holder (1974) Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht
A compact version of the German original, this is focused on historical developments.

Goedelic Grammars


New Irish Grammar
Christian Brothers (1990)
A very traditional grammar.

Modern Irish: Grammatical Structure and Dialectal Variation
Ó Siadhail, Mícháel (1989) Cambridge University Press
A linguistic oriented handbook which covers dialectal variation.

Stair na Gaeilge (Story of Gaelic)
McCone, Kim, ed. (1994) Maynooth
In Irish, but covers the historical development of Modern Irish, Scottish Gaelic and Manx.

University of Texas Online Old Irish Lessons
Grammar sketch and glossed texts

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Scots/Scottish Gaelic

A Gaelic Grammar
Calder, George (1990) Gairm Press
A very traditional grammar.

Stair na Gaeilge (Story of Gaelic)
McCone, Kim, ed. (1994) Maynooth
In Irish, but covers the historical development of Modern Irish, Scottish Gaelic and Manx.

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Stair na Gaeilge (Story of Gaelic)
McCone, Kim, ed. (1994) Maynooth
In Irish, but covers the historical development of Modern Irish, Scottish Gaelic and Manx.

See also the Celtic section for general handbooks with Manx information

Old and Middle Irish

A Gramamr of Old Irish
Thurneysen, Rudolf (1946, 1980)
The definitive grammar of Old Irish

The Early Irish Verb
McCone, Kim (1987) An Sagart
An in-depth description of the verbal complex in Old Irish

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Corpus inscriptionum insularum celticarum
Macalister, Robert Alexander Stewart (1937, 1996) Four Courts Press
Includes master list of Ogam inscriptions discovered until that time

A Guide to Ogam
McManus, Damian (1991) Maynooth Monographs 4
One of the best updated resources in English.

Die Sprache der altirischen Ogam-Inschriften
Ziegler, Sabine (1994)

TITUS Ogam-Inschriften (U. Frankfurt)
Online catalog of Ogam inscriptions with photos

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Language and History in Early Britain
Jackson, Kenneth H. (1953,1994) Four Courts Press
A classic, though highly debated, handbook on Brythonic languages.

Studies in British Celtic Historical Phonology
Shrijver, Peter (1995) Rodopi
A reevaluation of some Brythonic sound changes, especially in the vowel system.

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Modern Welsh: A Comprehensive Grammar (Colloquial)
King, Gareth (1993) Routledge
Focuses on Colloquial Welsh (Cymraeg Byw) or the spoken language.

A Welsh Grammar (Literary)
Williams, Stephen J. (1980) University of Wales Press
One of the few grammars to focus on Literary or formal written Welsh.

Mark Nodine's Welsh Course
This online course includes a grammar reference.
http://www.cs.brown.edu/fun/welsh/TOC_toc.html (No Frames)
http://www.cs.brown.edu/fun/welsh/TOC.html (Frames)

A Grammar of Middle Welsh
Evans, D. Simon (1964) Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies
Main grammar for Middle Welsh. This tends to assume some knowledge of Modern Welsh.

Reading Middle Welsh Course
Online edition of Gareth Morgan's course. Material uses modern Welsh spelling.

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A Historical Morphology and Syntax of Breton
Hemon, Roparz (1975) Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies
Includes information on older forms of Breton.

A Grammar of Modern Breton
Press, Ian (1986) Mouton de Gruyter

A Handbook of Modern Spoken Breton (Gwénédeg/Vannetais)
McKenna, Malachy (1988) Niemeyer

Breton Grammar (1995)
Roparz, Hemon (Everson, Michael, trans)(1995) Everson Gunn Teoranta

Grammaire bretonne
Roparz, Hemon (1984) Al Liamm

Grammaire du breton contemporain
Favereau, Francis (1997) Skol Vreizh

Grammaire bretonne (1994 Edition)
Trépos, Pierre (1968, 1994) Brud Nevez

Llawlyfr Llydaweg Canol (Handbook of Middle Breton)
Lewis, Henry and Piette, J.R.F (1966) University of Wales Press

Handbuch des Mittelbretonischen
Lewis, Henry and Piette, J.R.F (1966) Innsbrucker Beiträge zur Sprachwissenschaft (Innsbruck)

A Historical Phonology of Breton
Jackson, Kenneth H. (1967) Dublin INstitute for Advanced Studies
A detailed examination of Breton historical data, including comparisons to other Brythonic languages.

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A Grammar of Modern Cornish
Brown, Wella. (1984) Cornish Language Board
Grammar of the revived Cornish language, based on Middle Cornish.

Llawlyfr Cernyweg Canol (Handbook of Middle Cornish)
Lewis, Henry (1946) University of Wales Press

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University of Vienna Online Celtic Documents (Scroll to Keltisch )
Links to images of Contiental Celtic writings. Text is in German.

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La langue gauloise
Lambert, Pierre-Yves (1995) Editions Errance

Gaulish Inscriptions
Meid, Wolfgang (1992) Arcaeolingua

Receuil des Inscriptions Gauloises I
Lejeune, M. (1985) Textes Gallo-Grecs

Recueil des inscriptions gauloises. Vol. 2/1: Textes Gallo-Étrusques, Textes Gallo-Latins sur pierre
Lejeune, Michel (1997) CNRS

Recueil des inscriptions gauloises. Vol. 3: Les Calendriers (Coligny, Villards d'Héria)
Paul-Marie Duval, Georges Pinault (1997) CNRS


Some of the above Gaulish resources include Lepontic

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Towards an Interpretation of the Hispano-Celtic Inscription of Botorrita.
Eska, Joseph T. (1989) Innsbrucker Beiträge zur Sprachwissenschaft

Celtiberian Insscriptions
Meid, Wolfgang (1994) Arcaeolingua

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The Galatian Language
Freeman, Phillip (2001) Edwin Mellen Press

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