Uncomfortable giving feedback? First and foremost, please understand that this is work for hire, not art, and it either works or it doesn't. There are no personal feelings of self worth linked to these images. I've found that many people have been very effectively trained by other "artists" to be hesitant in being honest about these things. That's unfortunate, but I really can't correct it. The correction, I feel, lays more with "artists" who don't understand that they were hired to perform a function that utilizes their talent and insight, not to make a statement on the condition of man in society, generational malaise, or the despair of the contemporary artist in an unfeeling world. Since we have to live with where we are, possibly the form at the bottom will help. It sends me an anonymous email which in no way identifies the sender.
So let 'er rip.

Two headers, first is a JPEG, second is a PNG:

Download the photoshop file used for these headers and customize with an inserted image.

300x300 badges:

Two headers; probably the first: