Blair ARES
Blair County, Pennsylvania, Amateur Radio Emergency Service
Providing Emergency Communications Support for Blair County, Pennsylvania, Since 1935
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About Blair ARES
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About Blair ARES

The Blair County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (Blair ARES) is composed of 37 FCC licensed, amateur radio operators. These amateur radio operators have registered their capabilities and equipment for emergency and public service communications duty. They then provide their expertise and equipment for emergency and public service communications.

The Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) is the public service communications arm of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL). The ARRL, a national organization representing amateur radio operators, sponsors ARES to provide emergency and public service communications support when normal lines of communications are inadequate or unavailable. This communications support is provided free-of-charge to federal, state, county and local governments as well as to not-for-profit, public service organizations.

Although Blair ARES can provide communications support for any organization as described above, the ARRL has established, at the national level, written agreements, known as Memoranda of Understanding (MOU), with several governmental and public service organizations. These agreements provide for the establishment of pre-arranged formal agreements for communications support between ARES, at the local level, and the local level of the national organizations.

At present, formal support plans have been established with the following local agencies:

The ARRL organizes local ARES groups into Sections. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is divided into two Sections; Eastern Pennsylvania (EPA), and Western Pennsylvania (WPA). Blair ARES is within the WPA Section.

The ARRL WPA Section is divided up into four Districts; North One, North Two, South One, and South Two. Blair ARES is within the WPA South Two District.

If you would like more information about Blair ARES, please contact:

Drew R. McGhee, KA3EJV
Emergency Coordinator (EC)
Blair County, PA, ARES