Catalog # Denom.      Date      Turtle      Description      Comment

SG N 3211 -13 50j 24 Oct 92 Unknown Sea Turtle Sheetlet of three 50j whale stamps w/ a sea turtle in border of sheet. This is Sheet II of two whale sheets issued on the same date. No turtles on stamps. Date has also been reported as 20 Oct 92. No specific catalog # for entire 3 value sheet.

SG N 3411 a 1.80 won 20 Jun 94 Tortoise Ship Stamp card (86 x 54 mm), w/ six airmail stamps (86 x 9 mm), each w/ a tortoise ship, which was a 16th century ironclad warship of the Korean navy. Each of the six stamps is different because the ship is in a different position. Any one of them is SG N3411. The MI numbers for the individual stamps are 3590 through 3595.

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