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  1. List of Stamps Arranged by Country

  2. Appendix II:  Labels, Seals, Advertising Stamps, Etc.

    CAILLER'S CHOCOLATE COMPANY   turtle stamp icon

    Numerous identical series of stamps, issued in sets of ten and apparently given away with the company's products. Most of the stamps have the name of the turtle in Latin, French, and German, but not English. The dates of issue are unknown, but they are believed to have been issued prior to World War I. Details of Series VII are presented below as an example, but all of the series are believed to be identical with the exception of the tiny writing in the bottom margin. The number of series produced is unknown but goes up at least to Series LXI.

    Series VII, No. 1 -  Terrapene carolina (but identified on the stamp as "Testudo graeca").
    Series VII, No. 2 -  Emys orbicularis (?) (identified on the stamp as "Emys lutaria").
    Series VII, No. 3 -  Geochelone radiata.
    Series VII, No. 4 -  Hydromedusa maximiliani (species name spelled "maximiliana" on stamp).
    Series VII, No. 5 -  Chelus fimbriata (genus name spelled "Chelis" on stamp).
    Series VII, No. 6 -  Geochelone gigantea (identified on the stamp as "Testudo elephantina").

    COOK ISLANDS DEPARTURE TAX   turtle stamp icon

    Three Cook Islands departure tax stamps shown affixed to three Air New Zealand boarding passes. The turtle and the whale are on the white stamp affixed to the boarding pass, not on the oval blue hand-stamped image superimposed on the tax stamp. The $15 stamp is for a child, but it is not known what the different purposes are for the $30 stamp and the $55 stamp.

    DANISH PEOPLE'S AID   turtle stamp icon

    A label issued by one of the many local chapters of ASF Danish People's Aid, a humanitarian organization founded in Denmark in 1907. The label depicts a tortoise wearing an "elf hat" with a tassel for Christmas. The identity of the local chapter and the date of issue are unknown.

    DANISH WWF - 2012   turtle stamp icon

    A non-denominated, self-adhesive label with a Green Sea Turtle from a sheet of 30 labels depicting various animals, people, flowers, and landscapes from around the world. WWF symbol on each label. Sheet margin inscribed "Naturmaerket 2012 - VI Kaemper Sammen For At Bevare Vores Smukke Jord".

    HANSEN FOOD STORE   turtle stamp icon

    An advertising stamp for the A. V. Hansen food store in Copenhagen, Denmark. At the bottom of the stamp it says that their specialty is Skildpadde (turtle). It was printed around 1960.

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