What's New:  June 2011

Here is the material that was added or modified for this update:

  1. List of Stamps Arranged by Country

    Note:  Guyana Scott numbers 3989-3992 have been deleted from the listing because it has been determined that they do not depict any turtles.

  2. Appendix II:  Labels, Seals, Advertising Stamps, Etc.

    CHINESE LABEL - 2000   turtle stamp icon

    A small sheet containing one perforated, gummed, non-denominated label w/ Chinese characters on it. A carved stone turtle, facing the viewer, is in the bottom margin of the sheet directly below the label. Sheet is dated 2000 in bottom right corner. Its purpose is unknown.

    COOK ISLANDS DEPARTURE TAX   turtle stamp icon

    Two Cook Islands departure tax stamps shown affixed to the upper right corners of two Air New Zealand boarding passes. The $30 stamp is for an adult and the $15 stamp is for a child. The turtle and the whale are on the white stamp affixed to the boarding pass, not on the oval blue hand-stamped image superimposed on the tax stamp.

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