What's New:  June 2009

Here is the material that was added or modified for this update:

  1. List of Stamps Arranged by Country

  2. Appendix II:  Labels, Seals, Advertising Stamps, Etc.

    BRITISH TRADING STAMPS   turtle stamp icon

    Sheet of 56 green trading stamps from Great Britain with 16 sea turtles that appear to be overprinted on the sheet. Eight turtles are red and 8 are brown, and each one has the numeral 25 on its carapace. The date and the name of the company issuing the stamps are unknown.

    BULGARIAN MAGAZINE PROMOTION   turtle stamp icon

    A monochromatic brown sheet containing two labels, one w/ wild canines and one w/ an eagle. The design is identical to a multicolor, authorized sheet of stamps except for the denomination, which is zero on the brown sheet. The brown sheet was issued as part of a promotion for a philatelic magazine (you had to subscribe to the magazine to get the sheet). There is a Western Caspian Turtle (Mauremys caspica rivulata) in the lower right corner of the sheet margin.

    DANISH WWF - 2009   turtle stamp icon

    Label w/ a dorsal view of a swimming sea turtle from a sheet of 20 gummed, perforated, non-denominated labels, each w/ a different marine-related picture. Sheet margin inscribed "Naturmaerket/2009" and "for a living planet".

    DISCWORLD   turtle stamp icon

    A set of three similar labels from a Discworld Convention celebrating 25 years of Discworld books, which is a series of fantasy books by British author Terry Pratchett. The labels are similar to one another except that the turtle is in a different position on each one.

    KINGDOM OF ALDABRA   turtle stamp icon

    Three stamps from the Kingdom of Aldabra, a fictitious country with its own fictitious history, government, coat-of-arms, etc., created by Mr. Mark Rose of Seattle, WA. Two of the Kingdom's stamps depict the Aldabra coat-of-arms, which has two turtles on it as the supporters. One of these depicts a flag and has a denomination of 7 anchors, while the other has a globe-like symbol and a denomination of 2 anchors. A third stamp, printed on light green paper, has a picture of a sea turtle swimming up and to the left. It has a denomination of 7 anchors.

    NESTLÉ - NATURE'S SECRETS   turtle stamp icon

    A single, non-perforated, gummed label from a set given away with their products by the Nestlé Chocolate Company and intended to be placed in an album provided by the company. The album is titled "Nature and its Secrets", and the album pages are printed in French. One stamp in the set depicts a leatherback sea turtle on the beach. There is printing on the back of the label, under the gum, that says exactly the same thing in French and Dutch. In addition to information about turtles in general, the printing indicates that this label is from Volume V, Series 106 and is label No. 1. The date is unknown.

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