What's New:  September 2008

Here is the material that was added or modified for this update:

  1. List of Stamps Arranged by Country

  2. Appendix II:  Labels, Seals, Advertising Stamps, Etc.

    CHINESE SHEETLET WITH LABEL   turtle stamp icon

    A sheetlet with one perforated, non-denominated label. Illustration has something to do with the Buddhist view of life as an ocean of challenges through which you have to navigate. Margin depicts a turtle with human arms attacking a person standing on the waves. The date and source of the sheetlet are unknown.


    Sheet of 36 non-denominated labels (six each of six different designs) with a photograph of an animal on each. One of the photographs (on six of the labels) is a leatherback sea turtle on a beach. Upper margin of sheet inscribed "Natal Parks Board 1947 - 1987". Lower margin of sheet inscribed "Some Species in Need of Special Protection - Please Help Us to Help Them". Both inscriptions appear in English and another language. No picture is currently available.


    A large label depicting a turtle with a mailman's hat and a letter in his hand. He has a large weight inscribed "First Class" chained to his ankle. "U.S." appears in lower right corner of stamp and "15¢" in upper left corner. Origin of the label is unknown. The pictured example is tied to a cover with a cancellation and a postmark dated 31 May 1978.

  3. Appendix IV:  Chelonian Taxa Appearing on Postage Stamps of the World

    Mauremys caspica rivulata

  4. Appendix V:  Post Offices with "Turtle" or "Tortoise" in Their Names

    Post Office Name        Country        State or Province        Postal Code        Dates of Existence   

    Koondrook*** Australia Victoria 3580 2 Sep 1941

    *** Koondrook means "moon" in at least one aboriginal language. It has also been reported to mean "turtle", possibly in a different aboriginal language. The compilers would appreciate any clarification that any user of this list can offer.

  5. Appendix VI:  Personal Stamps

    Personalized stamps from Gibraltar, Great Britain, and New Zealand.

  6. Acknowledgements

    Nils Boysen

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