Catalog # Denom.      Date      Turtle      Description      Comment

SC 1353 Various 21 Mar 07 Five Different Species Mini sheet of twelve stamps, all having a plain white background and a picture of a reptile. Four of the stamps have turtles: two freshwater turtles, one sea turtle and one tortoise. The fifth species is an unidentified softshell turtle in the bottom selvedge.

SC 1353 a "S" 21 Mar 07 Terrapene caroliniana One adult facing right. Non-denominated but inscribed "S". Sold for 10c on day of issue. Valid for postage, not a label. Species name misspelled "carolina" on stamp.

SC 1353 b 0.20srd 21 Mar 07 Cuora flavomarginata One adult facing right. Species name misspelled in Linn's Stamp News (14 May 2007, pg. 62).

SC 1353 c 0.45srd 21 Mar 07 Chelonia mydas One adult facing right.

SC 1353 d 0.80srd 21 Mar 07 Testudo hermanni One adult facing right.

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