Catalog # Denom.      Date      Turtle      Description      Comment

40,000db 2007 Chelonia mydas S/S of one stamp. Portrait of Jacques Cousteau on stamp and in upper right corner of sheet margin. Turtle in lower left corner of sheet margin. Sheet inscribed "Vida Marinha" in large letters. Much small writing on sheet margin as well.

7000db 2007 Chelonia mydas Sheetlet of six stamps, all w/ underwater scenes and w/ denoms of 7000db. Ventral view of turtle on one stamp. Sheet inscribed "Paraiso Do Mergulho".

7000db 2007 Chelonia mydas Individual stamp w/ SCUBA diver and turtle from sheet of six. Ventral view of turtle and SCUBA diver.

Various 2007 Chelonia mydas Sheetlet of four stamps and four labels, all w/ underwater scenes and/or a portrait of Jacques Cousteau. Upper margin of sheet inscribed "Vida Marinha". Lower margin inscribed "Jacques Cousteau".

9000db 2007 Chelonia mydas Two turtles swimming underwater in foreground, SCUBA diver in background. Individual stamp from sheet of four stamps and four labels.

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