Catalog # Denom.      Date      Turtle      Description      Comment

Various 21 Mar 07 Five Different Species Mini sheet of twelve stamps, all having a plain white background and a picture of a reptile. Four of the stamps have turtles: two freshwater turtles, one sea turtle and one tortoise. In addition, there is an unidentified softshell turtle in the bottom selvedge.

"S" 21 Mar 07 +Terrapene carolina One adult facing right. Non-denominated but inscribed "S". Valid for postage, not a label.

0.20srd 21 Mar 07 Cuora flavomarginata One adult facing right. Species name misspelled in Linn's Stamp News (14 May 2007, pg. 62).

0.45srd 21 Mar 07 Chelonia mydas One adult facing right.

0.80srd 21 Mar 07 Testudo hermanni One adult facing right.

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