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35w 2005 Stone Turtles S/S of six 35 won stamps and six labels, all depicting various buildings (temples?) and monuments. Monuments and sculptures in sheet margin. One label depicts a small building w/ a path leading between two stone turtles, each supporting a vertical stone column. Turtles are facing directly toward viewer. Another view of a turtle and column in sheet margin.

Various 2005 Stone Turtle S/S of three 35 won stamps, one 75 won stamp and three labels, all depicting buildings (temples?) or large golden religious figures. One of the 35 won stamps depicts a stone turtle supporting a vertical column. Margin of sheet is a photo of wooded hills.

35w 2005 Stone Turtle Individual stamp w/ stone turtle from 2005 sheet of three 35 won stamps, one 75 won stamp and three labels. Man's portrait in oval in upper left corner of stamp. Man's dates of birth and death are 1055-1101.

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