Catalog # Denom.      Date      Turtle      Description      Comment

Various 2006? Cartoon Turtle S/S of six stamps, each w/ a dressed teddy bear. Sheet inscribed "Dress Bear Up" in central, horizontal gutter.

$5 2006? Cartoon Turtle Single stamp from s/s of six. Dressed teddy bear w/ small turtle in bottom right corner. Stamp inscribed "Dress Bear Up" along bottom margin.

Various 2006? Cartoon Turtle Booklet of six stamps, each w/ a dressed teddy bear and an attached label w/ an unclothed teddy bear. Same designs as s/s of same date. Back pages of booklet contain self-adhesive, "peelables" of various items of clothing and accessories such as eyeglasses, neckties and feather plumes for dressing the bears on the labels, much like paper dolls.

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