Scott does not list any Liberian stamps issued after August 1999 because of the non-existence of a postal service in that country after that date.

Catalog # Denom.      Date      Turtle      Description      Comment

$50 26 Jan 05 Archelon sp. S/S of four different $50 stamps w/ Archelon on one and an additional turtle-like animal in margin. Selvedge inscribed "Prehistoric Animals - Exploration of the World Under the Sea".

$50 26 Jan 05 Archelon sp. Single stamp w/ turtle from "Prehistoric Animal - Exploration of the World Under the Sea" sheet.

$1.00 2204? Pseudemys scripta ssp. S/S of one stamp depicting dorsal view of an immature individual on land. TUrtle is yellow and black; may be a xanthophyllic individual. Same design as $1.25 Liberian issue of 2004? except scout emblem is missing from this one.

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