Catalog # Denom.      Date      Turtle      Description      Comment

SC 3143 800d 15 Jul 02 Pelochelys bibroni Adult facing right.

SC 3144 2000d 15 Jul 02 Pelodiscus sinensis Adult facing left.

SC 3145 5000d 15 Jul 02 Palea steindachneri Adult facing right w/ head elevated and mouth open.

SC 3146 9000d 15 Jul 02 Trionyx cartilagineus Three-quarter view of adult facing front/left.

SC 3146 a Various 15 Jul 02 Four Softshell Species S/S containing two each of Scott Viet Nam #3143-3146. Two additional turtles in lower margin of sheet. Lower margin of sheet inscribed "Rua mai mem".

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