Catalog # Denom.      Date      Turtle      Description      Comment

SC 843 $1.00 22 Jan 02 Unidentified Sea Turtle American and Cayman Is. flags and Statue of Liberty. Inscribed "In Remembrance, 11th September 2001". Sea turtle on Coat-of-Arms on Cayman flag.

SC 852 30c 09 Mar 02 Cartoon Turtle Snoopy and Boeing 737 aircraft. "Sir Turtle", the cartoon pirate logo of Cayman Airways is shown the tail of the aircraft. The same stamp is part of a set of six and also appears on Scott Cayman #854a.

SC 854 a Various 09 Mar 02 Cartoon Turtle S/S die cut in shape of a valise and containing six stamps of varying denoms. Turtle is "Sir Turtle" the cartoon logo of Cayman Airways and he appears on the margin of this sheet on a luggage tag and also on one of the stamps on the tail of a Boeing 737. Sheet inscribed "A Fantastic Cayman Vacation".

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