Catalog # Denom.      Date      Turtle      Description      Comment

.46+.09e 2002 Cartoon Tortoise S/S of one semi-postal stamp (0.46 euros for postage and 0.09 euros for the French Red Cross). Turtle in selvedge of sheet; no turtle on stamp. Boy, dog and ball on stamp. Sheet inscribed "Boule & Bill". Stamp inscribed "Fete du Timbre".

Various 2002 Cartoon Tortoise Booklet of three semi-postals (0.46 euros + 0.09 euros) plus five regular postage stamps (0.46 euros). Booklet cover depicts cartoon tortoise lying on back, laughing. No turtles on stamps. Booklet cover inscribed "Boule & Bill". Each of the eight stamps inscribed "Fete du Timbre".

Various 04 May 02 Dermochelys coriacea Sheet of four stamps with turtle on one. Sheet inscribed "Animaux Marins".

0.41 e 04 May 02 Dermochelys coriacea Single stamp w/ turtle from "Animaux Marins" sheet. Close-up of anterior half of body. Stamp inscribed "La tortue luth".

0.41 e 04 May 02 Dermochelys coriacea Stamp from set of four w/ anterior half of turtle, swimming right.

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