MALAGASY REPUBLIC is listed under MADAGASCAR in the Scott Catalog.

Catalog # Denom.      Date      Turtle      Description      Comment

250fmg 2001 Six Species of Chelonians Sheet of six stamps, all w/ a large, prominent chelonian. Each stamp inscribed "50 Ariary".

250fmg 2001 Geochelone gigantea On land, facing left.

250fmg 2001 Dermochelys coriacea Adult swimming left.

250fmg 2001 Geochelone pardalis Adult facing right.

250fmg 2001 Caretta caretta Adult swimming down and left.

250fmg 2001 Emys orbicularis Adult basking.

250fmg 2001 Lepidochelys kempi Adult swimming down and left.

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