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$10 Stylized Turtle Australia Scott #1535a, w/ the following o/p in upper selvedge in gold: "Esposizione Mondiale Di Filatelia - World Philatelic Exhibition - Milano, 23 October - 1 November 1998. Lower selvedge inscribed "Australia Post Exhibition Sheet No. 5. This sheet was formerly listed here as Scott Australia 1535c**. Since a new sheet has now been given the number Scott Australia 1535c, this sheet is now listed w/o a number.

45c 02 Oct 01 Cartoon Turtles One of two 45c s/s's issued this date w/ three stamps on each. This one depicts a birthday party in a tree for baby animals. Inscribed "Wild Babies". Two small turtles in selvedge; none on stamps.

SC 1531 b 45c 17 Nov 97 Stylized Turtle S/S containing one Scott Australia #1530 and one Scott Australia #1531. Selvedge has one image overlaying a background image. The background image has has a large, faint turtle on the right side. The turtle's head is in the upper right corner of the sheet and the turtle's tail is near the lower right corner of the sheet. No turtles on stamps; in selvedge only. Inscribed "International Stamp & Coin Exposition, Shanghai '97" in both Chinese and English.

SC 1535 c $10 01 Aug 01 Stylized Turtle Australia Scott #1535a o/p'd in sheet margin "Phila Nippon '01" and the show emblem. Turtle is aboriginal style drawing (dorsal view).

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