See End Note #4 for further information about SEYCHELLES stamps.

Catalog # Denom.      Date      Turtle      Description      Comment

None Post 1971 Geochelone gigantea Blue Aerogramme w/ what appears to be a stamp imprinted on upper LEFT corner, but no denom. Seychelles Coat-of-Arms w/ turtle on imprint. Black Parrot in cachet. Issued after the "S" section of the HG catalog was printed in 1971 and the Kessler Catalog of Aerogrammes (3rd Edition) was printed in 1968. Not listed in either.

SC 494 a Various 05 Jun 82 Geochelone gigantea S/S of four stamps (tractor, car, bus) with medium sized Coat-of-Arms in bottom selvedge. Tortoise is on Coat-of-Arms, not on stamps.

SG SB 7 Various 1980? Geochelone gigantea Booklet w/ Gen. Gordon and large Coat-of-Arms on front cover. Exists w/ two different sets of stamps inside, but same SG number for both. Contains 4 ea of SC 395 & 443 plus 2 ea of SC 425 & 426 in a se-ten block of 4 OR 4 ea of SC 395 & 443 plus SC 428 & 429 in a se-ten block of 4. Tortoise is on Coat-of-Arms on booklet cover. No turtles on stamps inside booklet.

SG SB 9 Various 1980? Stylized Turtle Booklet containing 4 ea of SC 397, 398, and 453. Stylized drawing of turtle on BACK cover of booklet.

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