Catalog # Denom.      Date      Turtle      Description      Comment

400fca 2001 At Least Three Species Sheet of six 400fca stamps depicting sea turtles and Galapagos Tortoises. Fleur-de-lis (boy scout emblem) on each stamp.

a 400fca 2001 Sea Turtle & Tortoise Unidentified Sea Turtle and head of Geochelone elephantopus from adjoining stamp. Depicts fleur-de-lis.

b 400fca 2001 Chelonia mydas Head-on view of adult swimming underwater. Depicts fleur-de-lis.

c 400fca 2001 Eretmochelys imbricata Lateral view of adult swimming to left and upwards. Depicts fleur-de-lis.

d 400fca 2001 Geochelone elephantopus Two adults feeding. Head of one extends onto stamp above. Depicts fleur-de-lis.

e 400fca 2001 Chelonia mydas Two adults on beach. Depicts fleur-de-lis.

f 400fca 2001 Chelonia mydas One adult on beach plus posterior half of another individual from the adjoining stamp. Depicts fleur-de-lis.

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