Catalog # Denom.      Date      Turtle      Description      Comment

$5 1995? Cartoon Turtles Sheet of eight stamps plus one label w/ pictures identical to Guyana Scott 2917. Stamp 2917e is replaced on this sheet w/ a label. Sheet is footnoted by Scott but no separate number is assigned.

$5 1995? Cartoon Turtles Single stamp w/ turtles from sheet of eight stamps plus one label. It is identical to Scott Guyana 2917g except for the denomination. Because a label replaces 2917e on this sheet, the turtle stamp falls in the "f" position instead of the "g" position.

$80 01 May 00 Chelonia mydas One of three panes eight se-tenant stamps issued this date. Turtle on one stamp only. Inscribed "Tropical Treasures of the Sea".

$80 01 May 00 Chelonia mydas Single stamp from se-tenant sheet of eight.

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