MALAGASY REPUBLIC is listed under MADAGASCAR in the Scott Catalog.

Catalog # Denom.      Date      Turtle      Description      Comment

4000fmg Three species Sheetlet of four se-tenant stamps w/ a different turtle on each. Mushrooms in selvedge. Species depicted (all photos) are Chrysemys picta (1), Trachemys scripta elegans (2), and Terrapene carolina(1).

4000fmg Trachemys scripta elegans Extremely pale-colored juvenile specimen.

4000fmg Chrysemys picta Hatchling. Subspecies is probably picta.

4000fmg Trachemys scripta elegans Adult specimen. Albino except for red patch behind eye.

4000fmg Terrapene carolina Adult specimen w/ brightly-colored face. Subspecies may be triunguis.

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