Labels, Seals, Advertising Stamps, Etc.


A strip of five non-denominated labels, each depicting a cartoon turtle engaged in various activities. Issued to promote a large, international, tongue-in-cheek, loosely organized group called the Ancient and Honorable Order of Turtles. Date unknown.


Two labels w/ turtles from a sheet of 22 labels issued by the Animal Protection Institute in 1980. All labels depict children's art work. Upper margin of sheet is inscribed "Toward an Animal Bill of Rights".

ARKY OF TOAST   turtle stamp icon

Arky of Toast is a fictitious country with its own fictitious history, geography, etc. In 1997 "stamps" were printed, including one from "Turtletown". Some of these labels were affixed to envelopes (along with real United States stamps) and were processed through the U.S. mail system. One of these envelopes is shown in the accompanying illustration. The postmark is dated 30 January 1997.


A booklet of seventy-four rouletted, non-denominated animal labels produced by the Australian National Geographic Society. The booklet contains three identical labels depicting a semi-ventral view of a sea turtle swimming underwater. Each of the three labels is inscribed "Green Turtle".

AUSTRIAN CHARITY SEAL   turtle stamp icon

A seal depicting a large Testudo gigantea and the words "Jubiläumsmarke" (Anniversary Stamp), "Spendermarke" (Donor Stamp), and "Riesenschildkröte" (Testudo gigantea). The "denomination" is 5 Austrian schillings, which is apparently what the donor paid as a contribution to some sort of anniversary celebration. The date is unknown.

BATIBOUW - 1995 and 2008   turtle stamp icon

Two labels with stylized tortoises issued for the promotion of Batibouw, which is an annual international Building Trade, Renovation and Decoration Show held in Brussels, Belgium at the Brussels Expo.

BERLIN AQUARIUM AND ZOO   turtle stamp icon

A label of unknown date and purpose which has something to do with the Berlin Aquarium and Zoo. Photo of giant tortoises in center of label.

BRISBANE (AUSTRALIA) LION'S CLUB   turtle stamp icon

Christmas seal depicting three stylized sea turtles. Two have Christmas packages on their backs and one is carrying a scroll in its mouth that says "Peace". 1986.


Christmas seal depicting a stylized tortoise w/ a Christmas package on its back and the words "Merry Christmas" across the top of the stamp. Date unknown.

BRITISH TRADING STAMPS   turtle stamp icon

Sheet of 56 green trading stamps from Great Britain with 16 sea turtles that appear to be overprinted on the sheet. Eight turtles are red and 8 are brown, and each one has the numeral 25 on its carapace. The date and the name of the company issuing the stamps are unknown. These labels are somehow connected with Discworld, which is a series of fantasy books by British author Terry Pratchett.


A monochromatic brown sheet containing two labels, one w/ wild canines and one w/ an eagle. The design is identical to a multicolor, authorized sheet of stamps except for the denomination, which is zero on the brown sheet. The brown sheet was issued as part of a promotion for a philatelic magazine (you had to subscribe to the magazine to get the sheet). There is a Western Caspian Turtle (Mauremys caspica rivulata) in the lower right corner of the sheet margin.


Numerous identical series of stamps, issued in sets of ten and apparently given away with the company's products. Most of the stamps have the name of the turtle in Latin, French, and German, but not English. The dates of issue are unknown, but they are believed to have been issued prior to World War I. Details of Series VII are presented below as an example, but all of the series are believed to be identical with the exception of the tiny writing in the bottom margin. The number of series produced is unknown but goes up at least to Series LXI.

Series VII, No. 1 -  Terrapene carolina (but identified on the stamp as "Testudo graeca").
Series VII, No. 2 -  Emys orbicularis (?) (identified on the stamp as "Emys lutaria").
Series VII, No. 3 -  Geochelone radiata.
Series VII, No. 4 -  Hydromedusa maximiliani (species name spelled "maximiliana" on stamp).
Series VII, No. 5 -  Chelus fimbriata (genus name spelled "Chelis" on stamp).
Series VII, No. 6 -  Geochelone gigantea (identified on the stamp as "Testudo elephantina").


California Fish and Game issues a native species stamp each year. In 1991 it was a $9.20 value stamp depicting Gopherus agassizii.

CAYMAN FORGERY   turtle stamp icon

This is one of the so-called "Maryland Forgeries" which originated in Maryland and first appeared in 2002. It is a forgery of Scott Cayman Islands #124 but oddly it is denominated in different units than that stamp. Little is known about the printing details but fairly sophisticated equipment is apparently involved. It is unknown who is producing these forgeries.

CHINESE LABEL - 2000   turtle stamp icon

A small sheet containing one perforated, gummed, non-denominated label w/ Chinese characters on it. A carved stone turtle, facing the viewer, is in the bottom margin of the sheet directly below the label. Sheet is dated 2000 in bottom right corner. Its purpose is unknown.

CHINESE NEW YEAR LABELS - 2001   turtle stamp icon

Sheet of one large and eight small labels issued in 2001 for the year of the snake. One of the small labels depicts a carving of a turtle with a snake wrapped around its shell. Purpose of sheet is unknown.


A sheetlet with one perforated, non-denominated label. Illustration has something to do with the Buddhist view of life as an ocean of challenges through which you have to navigate. Margin depicts a turtle with human arms attacking a person standing on the waves. The date and source of the sheetlet are unknown.

CLEVELAND ZOO   turtle stamp icon

Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Local Post stamp issued 2 March 1975 which depicts Geochelone gigantea.

CONCH REPUBLIC   turtle stamp icon

The residents of the U.S. Florida Keys call themselves "Conchs" and say that they live in the Conch Republic. This label from the Conch Republic commemorates "Lucky", a famous sea turtle whose life was saved by groundbreaking veterinary surgery on 17 January 1984. It was the first marine animal surgical transplant in the world, replacing both front flippers which had been lost in a shark attack.

COOK ISLANDS DEPARTURE TAX   turtle stamp icon

Three Cook Islands departure tax stamps shown affixed to three Air New Zealand boarding passes. The turtle and the whale are on the white stamp affixed to the boarding pass, not on the oval blue hand-stamped image superimposed on the tax stamp. The $15 stamp is for a child, but it is not known what the different purposes are for the $30 stamp and the $55 stamp.

DANISH AQUARIUM #7   turtle stamp icon

Label advertising the Danish Aquarium and depicting a hawksbill turtle swimming to the right and downward. It is part of a series of labels advertising the Danish Aquarium and this one is number 7 in the series. It is Maerkat #5090. There is no denomination and the date of issue is unknown.

DANISH AQUARIUM #8   turtle stamp icon

Label advertising the Danish Aquarium and depicting two unidentified sea turtles. It is part of a series of labels advertising the Danish Aquarium and this one is number 8 in the series. It is Maerkat #1208A. There is no denomination and the date of issue is unknown.

DANISH CHARITY SEAL   turtle stamp icon

Non-denominated label issued by Børns Vilkår, a Danish organization dedicated to helping orphan children. Label depicts a turtle on a shelf or table with a second turtle painted on a plate in the background. It comes from a sheet of 16 labels, inscribed "Bornemaerket 2005-06" in the upper selvedge. The sheet as a whole is denominated 20 kr.

DANISH LABEL   turtle stamp icon

A very small (24mm X 25mm), non-perforated, gummed label depicting two hatchling sea turtles. There is no writing on the label. Its purpose and date of issue are unknown.

DANISH PEOPLE'S AID   turtle stamp icon

A label issued by one of the many local chapters of ASF Danish People's Aid, a humanitarian organization founded in Denmark in 1907. The label depicts a tortoise wearing an "elf hat" with a tassel for Christmas. The identity of the local chapter and the date of issue are unknown.

DANISH RED CROSS   turtle stamp icon

Sheet Number 66. (Maerkat stamp numbers 15078 through 15093) contains one Chelydra serpentina, one Chelonia mydas, one Testudo sp., and one Emys orbicularis. All 16 stamps on this sheet are reptiles. 1974.

DANISH WWF - 1986   turtle stamp icon

Two labels, one depicting a Galapagos Tortoise and one depicting a Leatherback Sea Turtle. WWF symbol on each label.

DANISH WWF - 1995   turtle stamp icon

A perforated, gummed, non-denominated label with a dorsal view of a European Pond Turtle on a white background. WWF panda logo in lower left corner of label.

DANISH WWF - 2005   turtle stamp icon

A label with a Green Sea Turtle from a sheet of 30 labels depicting a single underwater panoramic view of a coral reef. WWF symbol on each stamp. Sheet margin inscribed "Naturmaerket 2005".

DANISH WWF - 2007   turtle stamp icon

A label with an Unidentified Sea Turtle from a sheet of 30 labels depicting various animals and landscapes from around the world. WWF symbol on each stamp. The labels were issued to call attention to the problem of global warming. Sheet margin inscribed "Naturmaerket 2007".

DANISH WWF - 2009   turtle stamp icon

Label w/ a dorsal view of a swimming sea turtle from a sheet of 20 gummed, perforated, non-denominated labels, each w/ a different marine-related picture. Sheet margin inscribed "Naturmaerket/2009" and "for a living planet".

DANISH WWF - 2012   turtle stamp icon

A non-denominated, self-adhesive label with a Green Sea Turtle from a sheet of 30 labels depicting various animals, people, flowers, and landscapes from around the world. WWF symbol on each label. Sheet margin inscribed "Naturmaerket 2012 - VI Kaemper Sammen For At Bevare Vores Smukke Jord".


Privately issued stamp w/ Chelonia mydas as the main design feature. Ten dollar face value. Back of stamp is inscribed "To properly validate, diver must sign over the face of this Proficiency Stamp (tm) onto an Official Diamond Reef (R) Training Program or acclimation dive with Divemarshal's signature." A sheet of ten stamps exists w/ the name of a different foreign "country" on each stamp as follows: Japan, Canada, Roatan, Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, Italy, United Kingdom, Fiji, South Africa, and St. Croix.

DISCWORLD   turtle stamp icon

A set of three similar labels from a Discworld Convention celebrating 25 years of Discworld books, which is a series of fantasy books by British author Terry Pratchett. The labels are similar to one another except that the turtle is in a different position on each one.

DURIT COMPANY   turtle stamp icon

Ten labels advertising various products made by the Durit Company in Germany. Tiny turtle in oval on company logo. The dates of issue are unknown.

DUTCH WWF   turtle stamp icon

A label issued by the Dutch arm of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), depicting a giant tortoise from the Galapagos Islands. It apparently sold for 10 cents and the proceeds were used for the WWF's work in those islands. It is believed that it was issued sometime prior to 1970.

EAGLE STAMP COMPANY   turtle stamp icon

Issued at Spokane, Washington, USA by Mr. Dan Eagle. Stamp depicts a mailman riding on a cartoon tortoise named ZIP. Designed by Mr. Dan Eagle and issued in 1976 in celebration of the United States Bicentennial.

ELBECO COLLARS   turtle stamp icon

A German seal of unknown date, advertising Elbeco brand collars, and emphasizing how easy they are to clean. Small turtle near lower right corner of seal.

GERMAN COLONIAL SOLDIER   turtle stamp icon

A German colonial soldier leaning on his rifle with a small tortoise on the ground behind him. The date and purpose of this label are unknown.

GERMAN LABEL   turtle stamp icon

Label depicting semi-dorsal view of turtle on white background. Numeral "20" and logo with flag in upper left corner. The date and purpose of this label are unknown.

GERMAN PRIVATE POST   turtle stamp icon

Stamp apparently issued by a private post in Germany. Depicts a cartoon turtle wearing a cap and a white neck scarf. Denomination is 1.42 and stamp is inscribed "PIN Mail". An example on cover is postmarked "06. Nov. 2007" and carries the words "Schick es grün".

GREENPEACE   turtle stamp icon

In 1982 Greenpeace issued a se-tenant, tête-bêche block of four labels w/ two designs: an adult green turtle and a hatchling loggerhead. They have also issued two individual labels depicting a hatchling loggerhead. One of these has a yellow border and one has a light blue border; neither has a date nor a denom.

HANSEN FOOD STORE   turtle stamp icon

An advertising stamp for the A. V. Hansen food store in Copenhagen, Denmark. At the bottom of the stamp it says that their specialty is Skildpadde (turtle). It was printed around 1960.

HØLLMERS BAR   turtle stamp icon

Two similar labels from Denmark, one with a dark green background and the other with a bright yellow background. Large black letters at the top identify the name of the bar (Høllmers Bar). Smaller letters below that translate as "Known across the country for its homemade turtle..." (presumably turtle soup). Below this is a sea turtle swimming left and slightly downward. Across the bottom of each label there is a black band with white lettering giving the address and an old-style Danish telephone number. The dates of issue are unknown.

HONDURAS - UNISSUED STAMP   turtle stamp icon

This is Honduras Scott #C1038 surcharged "L. 50.00" in black and o/p'd w/ black Olympic Rings and a laurel wreath. Stamp was never issued.

ITALIAN SWIMMING MEET   turtle stamp icon

A sheet containing two labels, issued for the world-wide swimming championships in Rome in 1994. There is a sea turtle on one of the labels, and turtle sculptures on top of the fountain in the sheet margin.


A seal issued in 1997 depicting a single Dermochelys coriacea. The seal is inscribed "Tartaruga Liuto", the Italian common name for this species. From a sheet of twenty different animals. Sheet will be numbered Italy #62 in the next revision of the foreign section of Green's Catalog of the Tuberculosis Seals of the World.

ITALIAN WWF #1   turtle stamp icon

A sheet of four labels, each depicting a marine animal. One depicts a Dermochelys coriacea. Margin of sheet inscribed "World Wildlife Fund". All other writing is in Italian.

ITALIAN WWF #2   turtle stamp icon

A perforated label with a child's drawing of a freshwater turtle on a rock in a body of water. Label inscribed "Operazione Salvanatura" in upper margin and "World Wildlife Fund", "Italia", and "Tartaruga" in left margin. WWF panda logo in upper left corner. From a sheet of 24 labels w/ two each of 12 different designs.

ITALIAN WWF #3   turtle stamp icon

Label w/ one Eretmochelys imbricata on a plain white background, swimming to the left and downward. Label inscribed "Tartaruga Marina". From a sheet of 20 labels w/ 2 each of 10 different designs. Sheet inscribed "Operazione San Francesco".

JAPAN   turtle stamp icon

A se-tenent sheet of labels commemorating the "1967 UNIVERSIADE in TOKYO". All labels have a logo consisting of a capital "U" with five small stars under it. One label shows a fisherman riding on the back of a stylized turtle. The turtle has the same "mop-like" material, representing filamentous green algae, which is discussed under Endnote #9.

JAPANESE TUBERCULOSIS SEAL - 2003   turtle stamp icon

A sheet of six tuberculosis seals produced by the Japan Anti-Tuberculosis Association in 2003. The seals are self adhesive and serpentine die cut although the die cuts do not show up on the accompanying scan. One seal has a rabbit, one has a zebra and one has a giraffe's head and neck. The other three seals are identical to each other and each one depicts 31 tiny animals, including a turtle. All six seals display the double-barred tuberculosis cross.

KINGDOM OF ALDABRA   turtle stamp icon

Three stamps from the Kingdom of Aldabra, a fictitious country with its own fictitious history, government, coat-of-arms, etc., created by Mr. Mark Rose of Seattle, WA. Two of the Kingdom's stamps depict the Aldabra coat-of-arms, which has two turtles on it as the supporters. One of these depicts a flag and has a denomination of 7 anchors, while the other has a globe-like symbol and a denomination of 2 anchors. A third stamp, printed on light green paper, has a picture of a sea turtle swimming up and to the left. It has a denomination of 7 anchors.

KOREAN TUBERCULOSIS SEAL - 1980   turtle stamp icon

Five designs, one of which is a stylized turtle. This is Green Korea #41.2.

KOREAN TUBERCULOSIS SEALS - 1984   turtle stamp icon

Pane of twenty-five different seals. One row of five seals shows different pictures from "The Tortoise and the Hare" and the tortoise appears on two of them. The sheet of twenty-five is Green Korea #45x2. A double sheet of fifty exists and it is Green #45x1.

LINZ PUBLICITY LABEL - 1949   turtle stamp icon

A single publicity label advertising an aquarium, terrarium, and exotic plant show in Linz. There is a Linz in Germany and a Linz in Austria and it is unknown which one this is. The label is printed in blue on white paper and depicts a large, single Emys orbicularis.

LINZ PUBLICITY LABELS - 1950   turtle stamp icon

Set of four gummed publicity labels advertising an aquarium and terrarium show in Linz in 1950. There is a Linz in Germany and a Linz in Austria and it is not certain which one this is. Each stamp has a different background color, but the same design, featuring two Malaclemys terrapin.

LINZ PUBLICITY LABELS - 1951-52   turtle stamp icon

Set of four gummed publicity labels advertising an aquarium and terrarium show in Linz that ran from 16 Dec 1951 through 13 Jan 1952. The stamp design is very similar to that of the labels for the 1950 show, listed above. The background colors are different and the show is called a terrarium, aquarium, and exotic plant show. Two Malaclemys terrapin appear on each label.

LORD HOWE ISLAND   turtle stamp icon

Postal label w/ the skeleton of Meiolania, an extinct chelonian from the Pleistocene of Australia. From 31 December 1998 to 2002, a legal, legitimate local post operated on Lord Howe Island, and it issued its own stamps. The labels shown here, however, were issued prior to the existence of that local post and had no postal validity.

A & A LUISI COMPANY   turtle stamp icon

Two advertising stamps from A&A Luisi Company. One shows a mermaid, underwater, sitting on a land tortoise and looking in a hand mirror. The other shows a woman standing on a tortoise, looking in a hand mirror. The text on both stamps says "The finest wares made of turtle shell and hand fans". The text also indicates that they had offices in Naples (Italy) and Munich and Berlin (Germany). The dates of issue are unknown.

LUITHLEN & NEUMANN COMPANY   turtle stamp icon

A stamp advertising "Terla" brand turtle soup. The company was located in Andernach, in western Germany. Date of issue is unknown but it is believed to be between 1900 and 1920. Note picture of sea turtle on label on can.

MARINE SOCIETY OF ISRAEL   turtle stamp icon

A label printed in green on white paper, depicting a Dermochelys coriacea swimming to the right. A small square in the lower right corner contains the numeral "12". Hebrew characters along the bottom of the stamp apparently say "Marine Society of Israel". The date of issue and the purpose of the stamp are unknown.

MEDIEVAL SCHOLAR   turtle stamp icon

A scholar who appears to be from medieval times with a tortoise, a snake, an animal skeleton, and a bird. The date and purpose of this label are unknown.

METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART   turtle stamp icon

The Rospigliosi Cup - A gold cup attributed to Benvenuto Cellini. The cup has a tortoise for its base. The stamp depicting the cup has a description and further information printed on the back.

NATAL (SOUTH AFRICA) PARKS BOARD   turtle stamp icon

Sheet of 36 non-denominated labels (six each of six different designs) with a photograph of an animal on each. One of the photographs (on six of the labels) is a leatherback sea turtle on a beach. Upper margin of sheet inscribed "Natal Parks Board 1947 - 1987". Lower margin of sheet inscribed "Some Species in Need of Special Protection - Please Help Us to Help Them". Both inscriptions appear in English and another language.

NESTLÉ CHOCOLATE COMPANY   turtle stamp icon

Nine stamps (from a set of twelve) that depict tortoises. The stamps were given away with the company's products and were intended to be mounted in an album supplied by the company. The remaining three stamps in the set do not depict tortoises (a winter scene, a summer scene, and a man with a sack). Date is unknown.

NESTLÉ - NATURE'S SECRETS   turtle stamp icon

A single, non-perforated, gummed label from a set given away with their products by the Nestlé Chocolate Company and intended to be placed in an album provided by the company. The album is titled "Nature and its Secrets", and the album pages are printed in French. One stamp in the set depicts a leatherback sea turtle on the beach. There is printing on the back of the label, under the gum, that says exactly the same thing in French and Dutch. In addition to information about turtles in general, the printing indicates that this label is from Volume V, Series 106 and is label No. 1. The date is unknown.


Circular label with wavy edge. Man in center holding a very large turtle by its tail. Inscribed "Newark Tortoise Shell Novelty Co." and "Best-Hold Brand". Date unknown.


A fantasy label created by Robert Rudine in 1991. This label depicts the symbols of nine fictitious countries which are joined together in a fictitious federation in the U.S. and Canada. One of these fantasy countries is The Kingdom of Aldabra, whose symbol is a turtle, which appears on the 1991 label in the lower right corner.

PAKISTAN UNISSUED - 1981   turtle stamp icon

This is a 1981 proof of a proposed stamp that was never issued because it lost out to another proposed stamp with a sea turtle design. The tortoise depicted on this proof is a leopard tortoise (Geochelone pardalis).


Clemmys muhlenbergii and ducklings on a $5.00 stamp issued in 1990.


Sheet of forty seals inscribed "Save the Earth, Protect Our Endangered Species" in upper selvedge. Inscribed "Philippines Tuberculosis Society, Inc." in bottom selvedge. Turtles are depicted on five seals as follows: four identical seals depicting Chelonia mydas, plus one seal depicting Chelonia mydas and a peacock. 1993. These sheets exist perf 11 (Green Philippines #48x1) and rouletted 9 (Green Philippines #48x2).

PINEAPPLE POST   turtle stamp icon

Local Post Issue from Hawaii depicting Chelonia mydas. 15 cent denom. Issued 26 Mar 1986 in sheets of ten, with a printing of 1,000 sheets. It was the local's 34th issue, the first being 11 Jun 1977, and the last being 29 Nov 1987. The post was run by Craig Miyamoto to the Makiki P.O., ZIP 96882.

POSEN, ILLINOIS, USA   turtle stamp icon

Postal Label with a 2d denomination, a picture of a Galapagos Island Tortoise, the words "Galapagos Tortoise" and "POSEN" all printed in red on a white background. An FDC with this label affixed to it, is postmarked 1 Feb 1975 at Posen, IL 60409.

POSTACO STAMP COMPANY   turtle stamp icon

Three non-denominated labels produced by the Postaco Stamp Company, which also produced baseball trading cards during the period 1910-1915. The turtle labels are part of a sheet which also contains lizards, crocodilians, and snakes. All of the labels are inscribed with old scientific names which are no longer in use today. A very interesting feature is that they are gummed in a vertical strip along the right edge (when viewed from the back) and the rest of the back is without gum. The gummed area is approximately 5/8" wide, or a little more than one quarter the width of the label. The turtles depicted are:

Dermochelys coriacea (identified on label as Sphargis coriacea)
Chelonia mydas (identified on label as Chelonia viridis)
Chelus fimbriatus (identified on label as Chelys Matamata)

PPP LABELS   turtle stamp icon

Two gummed, perforated labels of unknown origin and date. One depicts two sea turtles (Eretmochelys imbricata?) and the other depicts a box turtle of the genus Terrapene. Each label has a small monogram with the initials "PPP" in it in the lower left corner and a copyright symbol in the lower right corner. The box turtle label also has some illegible writing next to the copyright symbol. The meaning of the PPP monogram is unknown. The box turtle label is inscribed "No. 77" in the top margin and the sea turtle label is inscribed "No. 80" in the top margin.

P.R. TONGO   turtle stamp icon

Eleven sheets with four identical labels each, plus a large picture of a turtle in the upper margin. Each label is denominated 10p and inscribed "2011". There is a town in Ghana named Tongo, a town in Sierra Leone named Tongo, and an island belonging to Albania in the Ionian Sea named Tongo, but it is unknown which, if any, of these entities is being referred to by the inscription on the labels.


Issued 1 April 2000 by Foundation de la Faune du Quebec. Denomination is $10.00. One stamp depicts Atlantic puffins and the other stamp depicts two wood turtles (Clemmys insculpta). The turtle stamp bears a remarkably realistic painting by Patricia Pepin. These stamps were only on sale from the date of issue until 31 March 2001. There are five varieties which are listed in van Dam's "The Canadian Revenue Stamp Catalogue, Including Wildlife Conservation Stamps" (EVD) as follows:

EVD QW13 -  Set of two (one puffin, one turtle) in booklet
EVD QW13a -  Miniature sheet of four (two puffins, two turtles)
EVD QW13b -  Imperf. sheet of four, signed
EVD QW13A -  Same as QW13 but w/ WWF panda logo plus $2.50 o/p (surcharge) in black
EVD QW13Ab -  Same as QW13A but imperf.

RACINE TORTUE #1   turtle stamp icon

A perforated label advertising a company that manufactures fishing equipment. It is printed in red ink on off-white paper and depicts a prominent turtle plus the inscriptions "La Racine Tortue" and "1936-1954". Additional writing on the label is illegible.

RACINE TORTUE #2   turtle stamp icon

A perforated label advertising a manufacturer of fishing equipment. It depicts a red globe with a green turtle superimposed on it and nine flags surrounding it. It is inscribed "By Test - The Best", "Racine Tortue", and "Paris, France".


A sheet of eleven non-denominated advertising labels, each w/ a photograph of a different animal. One label depicts a male Terrapene carolina.

RHINELAND RUBBER FACTORY   turtle stamp icon

A circular advertising stamp for the Rhineland Rubber Factory in Mannheim-Neckarau, with a turtle in the center. Date unknown.


Sheet of 25 stamps issued in 1973. One stamp depicts a freshwater chelonian generally resembling Kinosternon, but possibly Pelusios or Pelomedusa. The entire sheet of 25 is Green Rhodesia #19. A double sheet of 50 exists with the top half identical to the bottom half; this is designated Green Rhodesia #19.x. The turtle is in the number 6 position on the sheet.

SCHMEISSER'S FOOD FACTORY   turtle stamp icon

Three advertising stamps for M. Schmeisser's food factory in Leipzig, Germany. The company's featured items include turtle "extract" and guaranteed real turtle soup, not made out of iguanas, but real turtles. The three labels are very similar. One depicts a large can of turtle soup near the man's left foot, another includes a picture of a turtle on a soup bowl near the man's left foot, and a third depicts a yellow cube near the man's left foot. Dates of issue are unknown.


Triptych of labels issued in 1938. They were for distribution during week 1 of the promotion. The three animals depicted are Moschops, Archelon, and Psittacosaurus with the turtle (Archelon) on the middle label.

SPANISH CIVIL WAR   turtle stamp icon

Six revenue stamps issued in the Republican Area during the Spanish Civil War (1936-39). All have the same design showing a tortoise, an airplane and the wording "JUNTA LOCAL DE DEFENSA PASIVA - CASTELLON". They are listed in the Gómez-Guillamón catalog as follows:

GUI #3405cgreen                          
GUI #34110ccarmine
GUI #34225cdark blue
GUI #3431pochre
GUI #3441p blue
GUI #345     This is #340 surcharged "2 Pesetas" horizontally in black.

At least some of these stamps are also listed in a specialized catalog of Spanish Civil War stamps known as the Sofima Catalog. The complete title is "Catalogo de los Sellos Locales Emitidos Durante la Guerra Civil Espanola 1936-1939", published in 1995 by FESOFI.

SPANISH DOORMEN LABELS   turtle stamp icon

Two private revenue stamps issued by some sort of association or brotherhood of doormen of civil ministries. They were issued during the Fascist dictatorship of Franco, probably during the 1940's or 1950's. Both stamps are denominated 10cts, and have almost identical writing and similar designs. One is printed in blue on white and the other in green on white.

On both stamps there is a crest with an eagle's head at the top. Under the head there is script that translates as "Spain is united, free, great". This was Franco's motto. Under the crest are two free standing symbols. The one on the left is a yoke and represents King Ferdinand. The one on the right is composed of arrows and symbolizes Queen Isabella's Catholicism. These two symbols, appearing together, together were heavily utilized by Franco during his fascist regime. The four banners within the crest represent from top left and going clockwise: Castija, Leon, Basque, and Catalonia. The pillars on either side represent the columns of Hercules that support the nation.

On the blue stamp, the turtle has a coin in its mouth and is approaching a bank, presumably to put it in the slot. This might be urging the members of the doormen's association to save money. On the green stamp, there is no coin in the turtle's mouth and no bank is depicted.


Two similar Cinderella sheets with two stamp-like labels on each sheet. One label seems to commemorate the Sapporo Winter Olympics of 1972 and the other label seems to commemorate some type of Spanish soccer championship. One sheet has a yellow selvedge and the other sheet has a green selvedge. Two stylized turtles are in the upper selvedge of both sheets. The sheet with green selvedge has two additional logos in the upper corners. These do not appear on the sheet with the yellow selvedge.

SPRING RIVER LOCAL POST   turtle stamp icon

Spring River Local Post is located in Carl Junction, Missouri, U.S.A. It has operated continuously from August, 1982 until the present. It is run primarily as a hobby/diversion activity. It has issued many stamps, one of which depicts a tortoise.

SWEDISH ADVERTISING LABEL - c. 1930-1950   turtle stamp icon

Old Swedish poster stamp promoting Paddan Boat Tours in Gothenburg, Sweden. Depicts a large turtle surrounded by a boat, a car, a train, a bus and two airplanes. Upper left corner shows a map of Scandinavia.


Four souvenir sheets with one stamp each plus one strip of four stamps. Each s/s depicts a large turtle with most of its body in the margin of the sheet and its head on the stamp. The turtle species depicted and the "denomination" for each of the s/s is as follows: Loggerhead (Caretta caretta) 99.1, Leatherback (Dermochelys coriacea) 99.2, Green (Chelonia mydas) 99.3 and Hawksbill (Eretmochelys imbricata) 99.4. The strip of four shows a Green Sea Turtle on a beach on the stamp in the "c" position; the denomination of that stamp is 99.7.


Stylized turtles underwater near base of an aquatic plant, which is the major design feature. 1968. This is Green Thailand #32.

TONGA - UNISSUED STAMP   turtle stamp icon

This is Tonga Scott #774 o/p'd in gold ink: "Tonga Welcomes the Round the World Yacht Race 1991". Stamp was never issued.

TORTUGA LOCAL POST (Miami, Florida, USA)   turtle stamp icon

A series of six imperforate "stamps" printed in black on light green paper. They are bogus in the sense that no actual local post ever existed which used these stamps. The "denominations" and species depicted are as follows:

10 Terrapins -Terrapene carolina
25 Terrapins -Gopherus polyphemus
50 Terrapins -Clemmys insculpta
100 Terrapins -Dermochelys coriacea
250 Terrapins -Placochelys sp. (This is not a turtle; see Appendix III: Turtle "Look-Alike" Stamps)
500 Terrapins -Archelon sp.


Pair of se-tenant, privately printed Christmas seals for the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation and the St. Ann Indian School in Belcourt, North Dakota. Date of issue is unknown. Tortoise on one seal of the pair.


A large label depicting a turtle with a mailman's hat and a letter in his hand. He has a large weight inscribed "First Class" chained to his ankle. "U.S." appears in lower right corner of stamp and "15¢" in upper left corner. Origin of the label is unknown. The pictured example is tied to a cover with a cancellation and a postmark dated 31 May 1978.


A gummed label with coarse, irregular perforations, showing a military tank resembling a turtle. Inscribed "Tank (you)" and "Sept. 1916".


Two gummed labels depicting cartoon turtles and the words "Combat Insignia". Tiny print in the bottom selvedge of both says "© 1942.  Hearst Pubs. Inc.  R. L. Robbins  Postamp  AA249020 Cl."

#94. - Cartoon turtle, w/ helmet, clubbing a snail. Realistic combat scene in background. Inscribed "124th Infantry".
#99. - Cartoon turtle w/ helmet, boxing gloves, and roller skates. Realistic combat scene in background. Inscribed "Anti-Tank Company, 16th Infantry".


Poster stamp issued to commemorate the third annual convention of the David Bushnell Chapter No. 48 of the Universal Ship Cancellation Society at New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.A. on 16 April 1939. Stamp pictures the first submarine, built by David Bushnell in 1776 and named "The Turtle". The word "turtle" appears at the bottom of the illustration and also at the bottom of the stamp.

VIRGIN ISLANDS CHRISTMAS SEALS - 1990   turtle stamp icon

A sheet of 15 Christmas seals from the U.S. Virgin Islands forming a continuous marine panorama. One seal depicts Eretmochelys imbricata. These seals were issued in 1990 to fund environmental education for the youth of the U.S. Virgin Islands.

VIRGIN ISLANDS CHRISTMAS SEALS - 1994   turtle stamp icon

A sheet of 15 Christmas seals from the U.S. Virgin Islands forming a continuous marine and shoreline panorama. One seal depicts Eretmochelys imbricata swimming at the surface. These seals were issued in 1994 to benefit children in the U.S. Virgin Islands through training and educational programs.

WONDERLAND   turtle stamp icon

Wonderland stamps were first created in 1965 by Gerald King of Great Britain who was frustrated over the British Post Office's refusal to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the publication of Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland". Over the years more and more Wonderland stamps were issued and a catalog of these stamps was published in June of 2000. The monetary system of Wonderland stamps is: 40 Winks = 1 Golden Slumber. Two different Wonderland stamps depict the Mock Turtle from Carroll's book as follows:

Mock Turtle Stamp - Perforated stamp printed in black on white but numerous imperforate color essays exist as illustrated here. Denomination is Two Golden Slumbers.

Mock Turtle Mini-Sheet - Mini-sheet of three stamps, one of which depicts a mock turtle. The illustration of the turtle is different from the one on the stamp described above. Denomination of turtle stamp is 3 Winks.

WONDERS OF THE ANIMAL WORLD   turtle stamp icon

Two non-denominated labels from a very large, old set of animal stamps. Each one is numbered and has text on the back, under the gum. The text on the back of the two turtle labels reads as follows:

311.   THE LEATHERBACK TURTLE (Demochelys [sic] coriacea).   This strange reptile is not frequently seen. It lives in tropical seas and comes to shore only when it lays its eggs. It grows to be over a yard in length.

313.   GREEN TURTLE (Chelonia mydas).   This shelled reptile's meat is also edible. It spends its life in the ocean and comes to land only to lay its eggs or occasionally to sun itself upon the beach.


Pane of fifteen different Christmas seals issued by the Zimbabwe anti-tuberculosis organization (RAPT) in 2003. Pane is inscribed "Tortoises of Southern Africa" vertically along left margin. Individual stamps from the pane are shown here.

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