Walter Allen (1927-2007) was an early major contributor to this compilation of turtles on stamps. In the late 1960's Walter and Don Riemer independently began to compile lists of the world's turtle stamps. Eventually they learned of each other's existence and began to correspond. They soon decided to merge their individual lists into a single comprehensive list. Because there were so few turtle stamps at that time, the merged list consisted of only several typewritten pages but it was the forerunner of the list presented on this web site.

The following people have also contributed information to this compilation:  George H. Balazs, Breck Bartholomew, Enzo Bellini, Nils Boysen, Miriam Congedo, Philippe de Gain, Saul A. Friess, Robert E. Gordon (deceased), Chuck Hoger, Judy Hornaday, Ian Hunter, Ilona Klein, Peter S. Lemmo, Joe Leven, Nancy B. Linsley, Frank D. Lopez, Lynn S. Marshall, Wendell McLaughlin, Daniel Meister, James H. Rea, John Russell, Torsten Steidten, Leo Svejbaek, Tan Ngiap Chuan, Carel Touw, Tony Tucker, Jacques Van Hove, Barry Williams, and Frank Wisskirchen.

Cathy Riemer provided expert computer advice and guidance throughout the entire project. Her assistance is gratefully acknowledged.

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