Catalog Abbreviations

The letters under the column headed "Catalog #" are a code for the catalog from which the number came. The codes and the corresponding catalogs are as follows:

BABritish Commonwealth Revenues by John Barefoot (J. Barefoot Ltd., York, U.K.) 7th Ed. - 2002
BICatalog of British Island Local Stamps (B.L.S.C. Publishing Co., 296-300 St. John's St., London)
CTCCatalog of Local Stamp Issues, 1995-1998 (CTC Publishers Ltd., P.O. Box 395, Vilnius 2004, Lithuania) (In two volumes)
EVDThe Canadian Revenue Stamp Catalogue, Including Wildlife Conservation Stamps by E.S.J. van Dam (E.S.J. van Dam Ltd., Ontario, Can.) 31st Anniversary Ed. - 2000
FUNational Pension Revenues Standard Revised Catalog (by Furuya)
GRGreen's Catalog of Tuberculosis Seals of the World. Revised 1983 and updated quarterly in Seal News. (Published by The Christmas Seal and Charity Stamp Society)
GUIThe Republican Local War Tax Stamps, 1936-1939 (Spanish Philatelic Society Bookclub No. 9, by F. Gómez-Guillamón; 3rd Edition by Pablo Labarga (2002); Labarga-Benlloch, Seville, Spain)
HGHiggins & Gage World Postal Stationery Catalog
KMKoeppel & Manners Catalog of Court Fees and Revenues of the Princely States of India, Vol. II, 1989
MAEMaerkater (in two volumes) 1975/1976, by Chr. Soendergaard. This catalog is very scarce and extremely difficult to find. It lists more than 20,000 labels and seals, starting w/ Maerkat #1 in 1930. Maerkat numbers were assigned by the label printers, Andersen Bruun/Becker/Boarding, through 1979.
MIMichel Catalog
MKMinkus Catalog
MNCosta Rica Documentary Revenue Stamp Catalog by Mena and Rohrmoser, Second Edition, 2006. Published by The Society of Costa Rica Collectors and The Costa Rica Revenue and Postage Society.
MSMosden Catalog
SCScott Standard Postage Stamp Catalog
SGStanley Gibbons Catalog
SULDie Soldatenmarken der Schweiz. Heinrich Sulser. 1990 edition.
TSOfficial Trucial States Stamp Catalog (Printed in Italy in 1976; no Publisher listed)
YVYvert & Tellier Catalog

Other Abbreviations Used in This List

CTO  =  Cancelled to Order
denom.  =  denomination
FDC  =  first day cover
o/p or O/P  =  overprint or overprinted
perf.  =  perforation(s) or perforated
s/s or S/S  =  souvenir sheet
w/  =  with
WWF  =  World Wildlife Fund

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