The Gray's Woods Elementary School's Science Fair

Julie decided that her 4th grade science project would be "Puppies." Our new Black and Tan Coonhound, Scout was her inspiration for the project. Over the next several weeks, Julie spent many hours preparing the facts for her display, like "Poisons for Puppies" which was a somewhat misleading title that did not mean how to poison puppies, but in fact what items could be a poison should a puppy eat them (this did seem to confuse several people at the fair).  She also had interesting factoids that she prepared using observational research on "puppies and pictures" (if they don't like their picture taken, don't take it), messes (they act like animals, so never just let them run around if you aren't paying attention) and sleeping (you will be so happy when they are finally asleep), etc. 

Julie got special permission from the principle to bring her 14 week old puppy as part of her project as long as Scout stayed outside in case someone had allergies or something like that. Per school policy, no animals were allowed inside the building which inhibited hamster and gerbil maze projects that were planned. 
After many hours of hard work gluing, cutting and writing, the day of the Science Fair arrived. Julie placed her "Puppies" project proudly between the DNA analysis and centrifuge microscope display, and electric light up Photosynthesis project.  "Puppies" was an instant smash hit and over 100 children and adults came outside to pet Scout and try to guess what kind of dog she was (most thought she was a Doberman with uncropped ears, a bloodhound or an overgrown Bassett hound).  Scout enjoyed herself immensely and never turned off the charm, greeting every child with lots of kisses and wags as if it this were the first child to see her.

When the night was over Scout with stuffed puppy in mouth,  climbed into her favorite chair,  which now falls over from her weight, and slept the entire night without waking once.  I wish there was a science fair every day!


Scout at 14 weeks Scout at 12 weeks

Scout at 10 weeks

Scout at 8-9 weeks

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