Selected Readings, No. 25

May 15, 1994

Compiled and edited by Kevin Berland, with the able assistance of the Volunteer Fire Brigade, viz. Jeffrey Merrick and A.J. Wright.

[These early editions of Selected Readings were originally circulated to C18-L subscribers via e-mail, and are being posted here with minimal re-editing-- hence the absence of special characters, diacritical marks, and fancy formatting; see key to Abbreviations used in early issues.]


[see title by Vanysacker listed under Poland]


Barker, N. "Le Livre en France: The Importance Accorded to Books as Part of Intellectual History in France." Book Collector, 42, 4 (Winter 1993): 465-506.

Beaudry, Catherine. "The Library of Isaac Norris II: The Formation of an Educated Reader in the Philadelphia of the Early Enlightenment." East-Central Intelligencer, N.S. 8, 2 (May 1994): 6-13.

Grundy, Isobel. "Books and the Woman: An Eighteenth-Century Owner and Her Libraries." English Studies in Canada, 20, 1 (March 1994): 1-22.

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* Renzi, Paolo. _I libri del mestiere. La 'Bibliotheca Mureti' del Collegio Romano._ Fiorenze: La Nuova Italia, 1994. [Critical ed. of MS Vaticano-latino 11562, catalogue of special collection in the 'Bibliotheca Major' of the Jesuit Roman College, from the 1606 bequest of the library of Marc-Antoine Muret(1526-1585), and continuing to the suppression of the Jesuit Order in 1782; c.1500 titles]

* Rindisbacher, Hans J. _The Smell of Books: A Cultural-Historical Study of Olfactory Perception in Literature._ Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1993. 300 pp. ISBN: 0-472-10383-0

[see also title by Mayer listed under England-History


Bohls, Elizabeth A, "The Aesthetics of Colonialism: Janet Schaw in the West Indies, 1774-1775." Eighteenth-Century Studies, 27, 3 (Spring 1994): 363-90.

* Prince, Mary. _The History of Mary Prince, A West Indian Slave, Related by Herself._ Moira Ferguson, ed., & Ziggi Alexander, preface. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1993. Paper, 144 pp. ISBN: 0-472-08246-9


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Woodward,D. "The determination of wage rates in the early modern north of England." Economic History Review, 47, 1 (February 1994): 22-43.

[See also title by Hainsworth listed under England-History]


* Hainsworth, D.R. _Stewards, Lords and People: The Estate Steward and His World in Later Stuart England._ Cambridge University Press, 1993. 293 pp.

* Landers, John. _Death and the Metropolis: Studies in the Demographic History of London 1670-1830._ Cambridge University Press, 1993. 431 pp.

Mayer, Robert. "Nathaniel Crouch, Bookseller and Historian: Popular Historiography and CulturalPower in Late Seventeenth-Century England." Eighteenth-Century Studies, 27, 3 (Spring 1994): 391- 419.

* Monod, Paul Kleber. _Jacobitism and the English People, 1688-1788._ Cambridge University Press, 1993. 424 pp., ill., tables, maps.

* Speck, W.A. _A Concise History of Britain, 1707-1975._ Cambridge University Press, 1993. 218 pp.

[See also titles listed under Economics, Political Thought; and titles by Christie and Cross listed under Russia-History]


* Bartolomeo, Joseph. _A New Species of Criticism: Eighteenth-Century Discourse on the Novel._ University of Delaware Press, 1994. 216pp. ISBN 0-87413-488-9

* Braverman, Richard. _Plots and Counterplots: Sexual Politics and the Body Politic in English Literature, 1660-1730._ Cambridge University Press, 1993. 351 pp.

Corse, T. "The Ekphrastic Tradition: Literary and Pictorial Narrative in the Epigrams of John Elsun, an 18th-Century Connoisseur." Word & Image, 9, 4 (October-December 1993): 383-400.

* Davie, Donald. _The Eighteenth Century Hymn in England._ Cambridge University Press, 1993. 178 pp. [John Byrom, Isaac Watts, Charles Wesley, Christopher Smart, William Cowper].

* Maguire, Nancy Klein. _Regicide and Restoration: English Tragicomedy, 1660-1671._ Cambridge University Press, 1993. 292 pp., ill., table.

* Murphy, Peter T. "Poetry as an Occupation and an Art in Britain, 1760-1830._ Cambridge University Press, 1993. 281 pp. [Macpherson, Burns, Hogg, Scott, Wordsworth]

* Rawson, Claude. _Satire and Sentiment, 1660-1830._ Cambridge University Press, 1993. 314 pp.

* Van Sant, Ann Jessie. Eighteenth-Century Sensibility and the Novel: The Senses in Social Context. Cambridge University Press, 1993. 160 pp.

* Weinbrot, Howard. Britannia's Issue: The Rise of British Literature from Dryden to Ossian. Cambridge University Press, 1994. 642 pp.

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* Zomchick, John P. Family and the Law in Eighteenth-Century Fiction: The Public Conscience in the Private Sphere. Cambridge University Press, 1993. 228pp. [Defoe, Richardson, Fielding, &c.]


* Stewart, Maaja A. Domestic Realities and Imperial Fictions: Jane Austen's Novels in 18th-Century Contexts. University of Georgia Press, 1993. 209 pp. ISBN: 0-8203-1540-0

[see also title by Favret listed under Political Thought]


* Cox, Stephen. Love and Logic: The Evolution of Blake's Thought. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1992. 328 pp. ISBN 0-472-10304-0


* Defoe, Daniel. _Robinson Crusoe._ Ed. Michael Shinagel (2nd edition). New York: W.W. Norton (Norton Critical Editions), 1994. Paperback, 384 pp., chronology, selected bibliography, extracts from contemporary shipwreck texts, 21 critical estimates by writers from Pope to Marx, 14 critical essays by Bender, Damrosch, Flynn, McKeon, Richetti, &c. ISBN: 0-393-96452-3

* Faller, Lincoln B. _Crime and Defoe: A New Kind of Writing._ Cambridge University Press, 1993. 282 pp.

[see also title by Zomchick listed under England-Literature]


[see also title by Zomchick listed under England-Literature]


* Hinnant, Charles H. _The Poetry of Ann Finch: An Essay in Interpretation._ University of Delaware Press, 1994. 288pp. ISBN 0-87413-469-2


* Hinnant, Charles H. _"Steel for the Mind": Samuel Johnson and Critical Discourse._ University of Delaware Press, 1994. 251pp. ISBN: 0-87413-492-7

[see also title by Clingham listed under Scotland-Literature-Boswell]


* Rogers, Pat. _Essays on Pope_. Cambridge University Press, 1993. 279 pp.


[see also title by Zomchick listed under England-Literature]


* Thormahlen, Marianne. _Rochester: The Poems in Context._ Cambridge University Press, 1993. 383 pp. ISBN: 0-521-44042-4


[see also title by Dougge listed under History of Theatre]


[see also title by Favret listed under Political Thought]


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* _The Encyclopaedia of Islam_. New Edition. Leiden: E.J. Brill, 1986-. [Vols. 1-7 (A-Naz) are now available; Vol. 8 will be published in Sept. 1995. The full 11 volumes may be purchased by subscription.]


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[See also title by Cohen listed under Political Thought]


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[See also title by Morgan listed under England-History; by Christie listed under Russia-History;]


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[see also titles listed under Political Thought]


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[see also title by Lukowski listed under Political Thought]


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[see also title listed under History of Art-Walker]


[See title by Vanstrien & Ahsmann listed under History of Law]



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[see also title by Murphy listed under England-Literature]


[see title by Murphy listed under England-Literature]


[see title by Murphy listed under England-Literature]


* Hemmings, F.W.J. _Theatre and State in France, 1760-1905_. Cambridge University Press, 1994. 308 pp.

* Howe, Elizabeth. _The First English Actresses: Women and Drama, 1660-1700._ Cambridge University Press, 1992. 248 pp., ill., tables.

[see also title by Maguire listed under England-Literature]

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