International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies / Société internationale d'étude du dix-huitième siècle

  ASECS: The American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies

  BSECS: The British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies

No link currently available

  Canadian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies / Société canadienne d'étude du XVIIIe siècle

  Eighteenth-Century Scottish Studies Society

Executive secretary: Richard B. Sher, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ 07102, U.S.A

  Histoire et Société de l'Amérique latine / ALEPH

Une association de loi 1901 dont l'objet est de promouvoir la recherche historique sur l'Amérique latine, en mettant l'accent sur la coopération entre les jeunes chercheurs, la réflexion sur les problématiques, le positionnement dans le débat historique et les expériences sur le terrain.

 Ibero-American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies

  SECAS: Society for Eighteenth-Century American Studies

  Society for Eighteenth-Century French Studies

  Werkgroep 18e eeuw

The Werkgroep 18e Eeuw / Dutch-Belgian Society for Eighteenth Century Studies was founded in 1968 to stimulate research in the field of 18th century cultural history in Belgium and The Netherlands, as well as to serve as a meeting place for people interested in the 18th century, and to present Belgian and Dutch research in the field of 18th century studies internationally. The Society publishes De Achttiende Eeuw, issued twice a year. This journal publishes articles in the field of 18th century studies. The Society also publishes a Nieuwsbrief (Newsletter) with information of interest to those involved in 18th century studies.


  Atlantic Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies / Société atlantique d'étude du dix-huitième siècle

Department of History, Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia B0P 1X0, Canada -- no link currently available

 East-Central ASECS

EC/ASECS first met in 1970, a few months after the inaugural meeting of the ASECS, of which it is an affiliate. Our region includes most of the Mid-Atlantic area: Delaware, Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey,Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, and West Virginia. We meet every fall, usually in October. Members represent virtually every discipline related to eighteenth-century studies. Our members come from Canada to Mexico and from coast to coast, as well as from various points in Europe. EC/ASECS publishes the famous newsletter edited by Jim May, The EC/ASECS Intelligencer.

  McMaster Association for Eighteenth-Century Studies (Ontario)

Chairman, James King, Department of English, McMaster U., Hamilton, Ontario L8S 4L9, Canada -- no link currently available

  Midwestern ACECS

MWASECS is a regional interdisciplinary association, founded in 1972, affiliated with ASECS, and serving that region of the United States described in our constitution as "west of the Allegheny Mountains, north of the Ohio River, east of the Rocky Mountains, and south of Canada." (Our founders apparently took the long historical view and were skeptical of the stability of political borders!) We meet annually, usually in October.

  Northeast ASECS (NE/ASECS)

NEASECS issues an occasional newsletter and sponsors an annual meeting with sessions dedicated to a broad spectrum of eighteenth-century topics. The only NE/ASECS link currently available is their 1999 Conference Page

  Northwest Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies

Transactions editors: Kenneth J. Ericksen and Stephen Wolfe, Department of English, Linfield C., McMinnville, Oregon 97128, U.S.A. No link currently available

 SEASECS: South-East American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies

An interdisciplinary society promoting the interchange of ideas and information on the culture, history, literature, philosophy, politics, music, economics, architecture, art, medicine, and science of the eighteenth-century world. Most members live in the region comprising NorthCarolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Others come from all over the United States and Canada.

  South Central Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies

A regional affiliate covering the South & Southwest. Note that this address is their Y2K Conference page; they do not currently appear to have a SCSECS page...

 The Southern California Eighteenth-Century Group

The group meets approximately once a quarter at a member's house to discuss a precirculated paper on a topic germane to the eighteenth-century; the group is interdisciplinary and open to any and all interested. The SCECG is sponsored by the UCLA Center for Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Studies and hosted by the UCLA English Department.

 The Stanford Discussion Group on Enlightenment and Revolution

[The Steering Committee of SER has decided reluctantly, in the face of a certain apathy on campus, to shut down activities of the group during the 1998-99 academic year. We hope and expect that SER will rise, phoenix-like, from its slumber in the near future.]

  Western Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies



 BECKMAN -- Johann Beckman Gesellschaft e. V.

President: Helmut Lindner, Technische Sammlungen, Junghansstr. 1-3, 01277 Dresden, Deutschland. The society's objective is to promote the study of the intellectual, scientific and cultural heritage of the political economist Johann Beckmann, particularly in the fields of technology, agronomy, commodity science and in the sociologically oriented history of technology. No link available.

 BECKFORD -- The Beckford Society

The Society was founded in 1995 with the following aims: to promote an interest in the life and works of William Beckford of Fonthill and his circle; to encourage Beckford studies and scholarship through exhibitions and publications, including an annual journal and occasional newsletters; to hold an annual Beckford lecture or symposium; to support the preservation of Beckford's Tower, Bath, and other buildings, gardens, landscapes and objects associated with William Beckford and his circle. Further information is available on the William Beckford website, though there are no official links.

 BEHN -- The Aphra Behn Society

The Society is dedicated to encouraging and advancing research that focuses on issues of gender and/or women's role in the arts of early modern culture, circa 1660-1800.

 CHALLE -- Société des amis de Robert Challe

(Bibliothèque André Malraux, 2 rue au Lin, 28000 Chartres, France) Secrétaire général: Jacques Cormier, 27 rue saint Norbert, 1090 Bruxelles; email:

  CHARRIÈRE -- Genootschap Belle de Zuylen / Association Isabelle de Charrière

Executive secretary: L. L. van Maris, Gerecht 9, 2311 TC Leiden, Nederland. Internet:

  CHENIER -- Société des amis de poètes Roucher et Chenier

20 rue Mademoiselle, 78000 Versailles, France -- no link available.

 Comité français d'histoire de la franc-maçonnerie

(Service Interassociatif, Le Donjon, Esplanade de la République, 91940 Les Ulis, France). Promotes the study of freemasonry, mainly in France, with particular emphasis on the eighteenth century. No link available.

  CONSTANT -- Association Benjamin Constant

Institut Benjamin Constant, U. de Lausanne, Bâtiment central, 1015 Lausanne-Dorigny, Suisse. Reconstituée en 1979, l'Association Benjamin Constant a pour but de faire connaître la vie, l'oeuvre et la pensée de Benjamin Constant; d'organiser toutes manifestations et de susciter toutes publications susceptibles de promouvoir ces objectifs. Elle a pour organe les Annales Benjamin Constant, paraissant chaque année, et pour siège l'Institut Benjamin Constant. No link available

  DEFOE -- Daniel Defoe Society

Secretary: Peter Ashworth, 154 Hayes Lane, Hayes, Bromley BR2 9EL, Kent, U.K. The Society aims to give prominence to the life and work of Daniel Defoe. It organises conferences and publishes a newsletter. No link available.

  DIDEROT -- Société Diderot

La Société Diderot, fondée en 1985, se propose de donner à la mémoire de Diderot sa dimension langroise et champenoise en même temps que nationale et internationale, de favoriser la connaissance de son oeuvre par des rencontres périodiques, de permettre la publication bisannuelle des travaux les plus récents. Elle publie une revue semestrielle, Recherches sur Diderot et sur l'Encyclopédie (Responsable: Anne-Marie Chouillet). Adresse pour correspondance: 7 route de la Reine, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt, France. Internet:

  GOETHE -- Goethe Society of North America

Executive secretary: Ehrhard Bahr, Department of Germanic Languages, U.C.L.A., Los Angeles, CA 90024, U.S.A. The Goethe Society of North America was founded in 1979 as a non-profit organisation dedicated to the encouragement of research on Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) and his age. The organisation seeks to stimulate a reappraisal of the pertinence of Goethe's thought in modern times; foster scholarly lectures and symposia about Goethe and his age; develop extensive research facilities for the study of eighteenth-century literature and culture; and re-emphasise Goethe's concept of world literature and its continuing importance throughout the civilised world. The Society publishes the Goethe Yearbook and Goethe News and Notes which gives news of activities, conferences and publications. No link available.

  HERDER -- International Herder Society / Internationale Herder Gesellschaft

President: Hans Adler, Dept of German, U. of Wisconsin, Madison, WI 53706, U.S.A. The Society was founded in 1985 to promote the interdisciplinary study of all aspects of the work, life, and era of Johann Gottfried Herder (1744-1803). The Society sponsors bi-annual international conferences the proceedings of which are published. In addition, the Society publishes a semi-annual Newsletter and the Herder Yearbook / Herder Jahrbuch which is distributed free of charge to all members.

  HERDER -- Société Herder

Président: Pierre Pénisson, Etudes germaniques, Paris VIII, 2 rue de la Liberté, 93526 Saint-Denis Cédex 02, France. Fondée en 1994, la Société Herder, en association avec la International Herder Society, se propose de favoriser la connaissance de l'oeuvre de Johann Gottfried Herder (1744-1803), de la philosophie et de la littérature allemande de la fin du XVIIIe siècle. No link available.

  HUME -- The Hume Society.

Founded in 1974, the Hume Society is an international organization with approximately 600 members around the world. The purpose of the Society is to stimulate scholarship on all aspects of Hume's writings. The Society holds regular meetings, called "Hume Conferences," at least once every two years, group meetings at the Canadian Philosophical Association meetings and the Eastern, Central and Pacific Division meetings of the American Philosophical Association, and special meetings held either independently or jointly sponsored with another society.

  JOHNSON Johnson Society of the Central Region

Secretary-treasurer: Thomas Kaminski, Department of English, Loyola U., 6525 North Sheridan Rd, Chicago, IL 60626, U.S.A. The Society meets annually and its conferences include a wide range of papers regarding eighteenth-century British literature. No link available

  JOHNSON -- Samuel Johnson Society of Southern California

Chairman: Loren R. Rothschild, 12233 W. Olympic Blvd, Suite 380, Los Angeles, CA 90064, U.S.A. No link available.

  LEIBNIZ -- Gottfried-Wilhelm-Leibniz-Gesellschaft

Niedersächsische Landesbibliothek, Waterloostrasse 8, 30169 Hannover, Deutschland. The Society organises lectures, symposia and congresses, and publishes a journal, Studia Leibnitiana. No link available.

  LESSING -- The Lessing Society

Executive secretary: Edward P. Harris, Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures (372), U. of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH 45221, U.S.A. The Lessing Society was founded in 1966 to encourage research in the life, works and times of Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (1729-1781). The Society regularly sponsors scholarly meetings and international symposia. A semi-annual newsletter, Notes and Notices, and the Lessing Yearbook (editor: Richard E.Schade) are published by the Society. The Society currently has about 450 members (representing 19countries). Membership is open to any persons interested in Lessing and the Enlightenment.

  RAYNAL -- Société d'étude Guillame-Thomas Raynal

Président: Gilles Bancarel, 10 rue des Cordeliers, 12100 Millau, France. La société, fondée en 1994, a pour but de promouvoir l'étude et la connaissance de l'oeuvre et de la personnalité du philosophe rouergat Guillaume-Thomas Raynal (1713-1796). No link available

  ROUSSEAU -- Association nord-américaine des études Jean-Jacques Rousseau / North American Association for the Study of Jean-Jacques Rousseau

  Société d'histoire et d'épistémologie des sciences du langage (SHESL)

Président: J.-Cl. Chevalier.E.N.S., Section d'espagnol, Grille d'honneur du Parc, 92211 Saint-Cloud, France-- no link available.

  SAINT-SIMON -- Société Saint-Simon

Président: Philippe Hourcade, 3 rue Saint-Charles, 75015 Paris, France. La société a pour objet de développer les études concernant la personne, l'oeuvre et la pensée du duc Louis de Saint-Simon (1675-1755), auteur des Mémoires.

  VOLTAIRE -- The Voltaire Society of America

The chief purpose of the society is to foster the spirit of the Enlightenment, tolerance and respect for the rights of the individual as exemplified by the life of Voltaire and as reflected in the beliefs of his contemporaries, the founders of the United States. Our projects now include the presentation of lectures and the creation of educational materials such as a video on Voltaire and Jefferson, development of a French version of such materials in conjunction with groups in Ferney, and cooperation with other cultural and educational organizations in furtherance of such goals.

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