Recent Sources for 18th-Century Studies: Bibliographical Tools

James E. May (

Content last updated 23 April 1999


This selective checklist, partially annotated, enumerates printed sources for studying the period 1660-1820 published since 1988. It combines the lists of bibliographic tools compiled by Jim May for the September 1998, January 1999, and May 1999 issues of the East-Central Intelligencer, the newsletter-journal I edit for the East-Central American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies. The Intelligencer for January 1999 contained a bibliography of publications since 1988 on women writers, publishers, and readers, expanded and posted on the C18-L website (including the May 1999 supplement). I have also produced similar checklists on the book as a physical object and the book trade (including copyright and censorship); children's literature; illustration (including cartography); journalism; 18th-century libraries and readers and published catalogues of book and manuscript collections. These bibliographies should help scholars lost in a flood of information to find helpful printed sources and also provide an interesting international survey of how much traditional scholarship is still performed.

The bibliography below provides general catalogues, surveys of scholarship, reference and bibliographic guides, including accounts of analytical bibliography, genealogical research, orthography, and national literatures. It largely excludes catalogues and accounts of particular libraries except for some collections so extensive that they serve as bibliographies for entire fields. Tools listed are articles and books that help locate both primary and secondary materials in the major languages of North America and Western Europe (much fine scholarship in Eastern European and Scandinavian languages has been neglected as hardly any EC/ASECS members are active in these areas). This series of bibliographies ignores most author bibliographies, and lists but once tools that might easily be entered under multiple categories (as under bibliographical tools and then again under women authors).

These checklists are an offshoot of my compilations for Section One of The Eighteenth Century: A Current Bibliography, which will contain more than double the entries in greater detail, regularly citing reviews of books and offering analytical comments. The editor wishes to acknowledge some of his most valuable sources for titles: The Scriblerian, SHARP News, the "News and Comments" section of The Book Collector (edited by Nicolas Barker), and the "Notes and News" written for Quærendo during the early 1990s (by R. Breugelmans) -- The Book Collector continues to provide good accounts of auctions, publications, and exhibition catalogues; the abstracts of foreign-language publications in The Library; the "Books Received" sections of Eighteenth-Century Life, Eighteenth-Century Studies, Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America, and Swift Studies; Richard Sher's Eighteenth-Century Scotland; and all the ASECS-affiliate societies' newsletters' accounts of members' publications, especially the Canadian Society's; the annotated bibliography "Some Current Publications" in Restoration; William Baker's occasional surveys in Analytical and Enumerative Bibliography; and ABHA and other valuable annual surveys of scholarship: Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature (published for the Modern Humanities Research Association); Isis (on the history of science and ideas); the MLA Bibliography; Year's Work in English Studies, and Year's Work in Modern Language Studies; and several on-line sources: OCLC, Periodical Abstracts, C18-L's Selected Readings (produced by a team of friends and edited by Kevin Berland), and, most valuably, RLIN.

The editor requests colleagues send suggestions for future bibliographies and corrections and additions to supplement this published one. Also, he will gladly consider for future issues of the East-Central Intelligencer any selected bibliographies. Finally, the editor apologizes for his ignorance of many important titles and for the inevitable errors. [Largely reprinted from the September 1998 Intelligencer; the January 1999 issue's bibliography on women writers and readers is preceded by other applicable remarks (as on the abbreviation of imprint information, as for multiple places of publication). -- James E. May.

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