Recent Publications Concerning 18th-Century Holdings in Contemporary
Library and Manuscript Collections

James E. May (

The following bibliography surveys publications of the last eleven or twelve years that concern eighteenth-century materials held by libraries and archives throughout the world. Certainly some titles containing relevant information also appear in the earlier "Tools" bibliographies published first in the East-Central Intelligencer, 12, no. 3 (Sept. 1998) as a 26-page supplement, and then supplemented in 13.1 (Jan. 1999), 46-47, and again in 13.2 (May 1999), 50-58. An integrated revision of these three lists of tools was mounted on the web by the ever-helpful Kevin Berland. Tools for finding where books are, as the ESTC and Wing catalogues, were noted in the Tools bibliography and are not double listed here (studies here listed usually describe holdings at specific locations). Some of the following bibliographical aids are focused on sorts of materials, but these note locations holding such materials (as McAllister, Morris, Morriss, and Salmond). Studies of particular collections are also noted in the bibliography on children's literature published first in the East-Central Intelligencer (13.2 [May 1999], 58-62; since revised for the web); see, for instance, those by Bauerle, David, Moon, Shefrin, and Shirley. Within a year we will publish a bibliography of books and articles on libraries and archives during the eighteenth century (this may if space allows also include studies of reading and literacy). That forthcoming bibliography will inevitably contain studies that, though focused on where books were in the 18th century, indicate where they are to be found today.

Many research libraries publish periodicals that regularly record new acquisitions. The best regular surveys that I have seen are those in the Princeton University Library Chronicle and the Yale University Library Gazette -- one wishes the accessions section of the Bodleian Library Record provided such a checklist. Many libraries also produce annual reports to their boards and friends that list new acquisitions, and perhaps most noteworthy of these are The Annual Report of the Lilly Library, the quarterly electronic reports produced by the National Library of Scotland, and the biannual checklist produced by Christopher Sheppard for the Brotherton Collection of the University of Leeds. Focused surveys of library acquisitions appear in my "Scribleriana Transferred" columns in The Scriblerian, and sometimes in the Clark Library's newsletter and in the "Bibliophile's Diary" within Long Room (Trinity College Dublin). A number of historical journals record archival acquisitions within specific fields, such as the Agricultural History Review, Economic History Review, Irish Economic and Social History, and Irish Historical Studies. There are journals devoted to archival records, of course, as Contemporary Record (which regularly publishes lists of new accessions, as Una O'Sullivan's "Accessions to Repositories in 1994 Relating to Political History" in v. 9 (1995), 638-50). The journals sponsored by the major research libraries carry articles showcasing their holdings (as the NYPL's Biblion, the British Library Journal, the Bulletin of the John Rylands University Library of Manchester, Harvard Library Bulletin, the Huntington Library Quarterly, the National Library of Wales Journal). Of course, libraries themselves showcase their holdings in exhibitions--many of which are noted below,--and sometimes their exhibition catalogues are recorded in Rare Books and Manuscripts Librarianship's annual survey of catalogues submitted for the awards sponsored by the publishers of American Book Prices Current (several of these annual surveys are indexed below, as under Elaine Smyth and Stephen Tabor).

Not listed below but always useful for addresses are the current editions of The World of Learning (London: Europa) and The American Library Directory 1999-2000 [52nd annual ed.], 2 vols. (New Providence, NJ: Bowker, 1999), with U.S. libraries by state in Vol. 1 and Canadian and Mexican libraries in Vol. 2. For email addresses and websites, see pp. 34-35 of our last issue. Directory information for overseas libraries can be found in many entries for guides to collections entered below (such as under Foster, Gallico, Harold, Lohan, Olney, Sommerfeld, and Stallard). -- James E. May (, December 13, 2000.

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