Recent Studies of 18th-Century Book Culture

James E. May (

This bibliography on "book culture" includes studies from the last dozen years on bibliophilia (but not bookbinding); collections, both institutional and personal libraries; censorship; and literacy and reading. It was first published in The East-Central Intelligencer, n.s. 14, no. 3 (Sept. 2000), 58-91, and has been slightly revised and augmented (for starters, there are more Eastern European studies on this web version). I have excluded from both versions many entries in bibliographies formerly printed printed in the Intelligencer and then expanded and placed on the web in other checklists in this series. Excluded but related entries will found in the bibliographies on Children's Literature (May 1999; revised for the web 10/2000) and Contemporary Collections (February 2000; revised, 10/2000). Although there are some redundant entries in this series of bibliographies, I've tried to avoid them. Obviously, what with the creation of SHARP and the flutter about book history, 18C book history and reading habits have received more attention from North American scholars than ever before. The general area has long received the attention of European scholars. In particular, the Europeans seem to the compiler to have had a longer-standing and more patient interest in the history of private and public libraries. In part the list below will suggest some patterns and similarities in scholarship of 18C book culture from throughout the world. Of course, much within my scope has been overlooked. I have given insufficient attention to scholarship in eastern European languages and neglected Russia and Asia almost entirely. I promise future installments and ask for corrections and additions. The January 2001 East-Central Intelligencer includes my bibliography of scholarship concerning cartography, engraving, illustration, and prints, and later in 2001 and in 2002 the East-Central Intelligencer will feature bibliographies on the book as a physical object, on publishing history, and on music. -- James E. May (

Revised 12/13/2000


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