Sergei Tabachnikov


Pennsylvania State University
Department of Mathematics
University Park, PA 16802
(814) 865-7527 / Fax (814) 865-3735

I graduated from Moscow School for Mathematics No 2 (web site in Russian), class of 1973

PhD received from Moscow State University

I am a Fellow of the American Mathematical Society


Areas of interest: differential topology, low-dimensional topology, symplectic geometry, differential geometry, dynamical systems

Here is my curriculum vitae

Click here for preprint versions of some of my books and  here for preprints and reprints

Here is my Google Scholar profile and my MathSciNet citations


I am Director of Mathematics Advanced Study Semesters (MASS) at Penn State

Click here for lecture notes of some graduate courses that I taught

Doctoral students: F. Dogru, PhD 2003; D. Genin, PhD 2005; Yu. Tyurina, PhD 2005; G. Stojanovic, PhD 2007; N. Early, PhD 2016; M. Harrison, PhD 2017; A. Chavez, current


I am Editor-in-Chief of Experimental Mathematics

I am an associate editor of the American Mathematical Monthly (Notes Editor in 2010-2016) and of the Mathematical Intelligencer (Mathematical Gems and Curiosities Editor)

I am an Associate Editor of Arnold Mathematical Journal

I am a member of Student Mathematics Library Editorial Committee. Click here for this series of books.

I am also a member of AMS Pure and Applied Undergraduate Texts Editorial Committee. Click here for this series of books.

In 1988-1990 I was the Head of Mathematics Department of the Kvant magazine (click here, or here for web sites in Russian)
Click here for my articles published in Kvant (in Russian) and here for its brief history

In the early 1980s, I was a scriptwriter for a monthly mathematical broadcast of Soviet Radio. Some episodes are available for listening here, here, here, and here (in Russian}


I am a member (Chair in 2015-18) of Education Advisory Board of ICERM at Brown University

In 2013-2015 I served as Deputy Director of ICERM at Brown University

I am a member of Scientific and Executive Committees of Modern Mathematics - International Summer School for Students