Addiction speech

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Here is more of my addiction speech, suggestions are appreciated.


I.    (Attention Getter/relate to audience) -A picture like this might bring back happy childhood memories of time spent with friends at the playground or your parents buying you ice cream as a reward for good behavior.  But what if you don't have such memories because your mom was too busy shooting up to take you to the playground?


II.  (Introduce topic clearly)- With over 36 thousand people dead (Unintentional Poisoning) and 1.5 million drug related arrests every year (Crime Index) drug abuse is a serious problem in America.  Out of these arrests, many are repeat offenders, people who have already been to jail, some several times, but are still abusing drugs.  Clearly the current system is not working and a change is necessary.


III.           (Thesis) The current treatment of drug addicts is ineffective.  In order to prevent repeat offenses, rehabilitation programs should be implemented in prisons and be mandatory for those convicted for drug use.


IV.            (Preview) In this speech, I will explain the problem of drug addiction, explain my policy to reduce addiction, particularly focusing on reducing the number of repeat offenders, and finally, I will discuss the benefits of implementing my policy.






·      Repeat offenders

o   Locking them up wont cure them

§  According to the Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition, about 70- 85% of state prisoners nationwide need drug treatment, yet only about 15% are actually receiving any treatment.

o   Addiction is a disease

§  Genetic predisposition

§  Physical factor that cause addiction

·      Hurts their families

o   Use examples

o   Children who aren't taken care of

o   Parents who watch their children turn to drugs

·      Increases crime rates

o   Mainly theft

§  Stealing for drug money

·      Combining health care and other costs, drug abuse has a direct societal cost of over 52 billion dollars per year and an indirect cost of over 130 billion dollars including productivity loss and incarceration.



Now that you understand why drug abuse is a problem, I will explain my policy. 



·      Rehab while in prison

o   Cure their addiction rather than ignore it and hope it goes away

o   Forces people into treatment

§  Treatment is just as effective with those coerced into treatment as those who enter voluntarily. (Przybylski, Roger)

o   Statistic on those who quit alone vs through a program

·      Creates job opportunities

·      Less offenders means decrease in drug related crimes

o   Treatment reduces serious crimes 15 times more effectively than incarceration.

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