Google Maps: Satellite...NEW STALKING METHOD?

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It is evident almost everywhere these day that technology has come to an all time high and is even still growing. The new advancement I am going to talk about in this blog though might seem helpful but when also put into other aspects can be proven to be creepy and maybe even a little dangerous. This new advancement can be found on Google Maps.

Google Maps is a link on the Google website, when is clicked to use, you can type in an address where you would like to get directions to or from, and be able to get different directions on how to get there. You can also type in an address and see exactly where this address is located. Well, with all the new advancement in technology, there are now satellite shots of the places that can be seeing when you type in these addresses; so to make it even easier to be able to recognize the address and to see exactly what everything looked like. This new advancement would be perfectly normal if everyone in the world was perfectly normal, but of course that is not the case and, there are creeps out there. The Google satellite pictures allow anyone who types in your address to be able to see satellite screenshots of exactly where you live and to even be able to zoom and get closer looks to the house. Some of these pictures even have people outside in the shots, and if course these people do not even know they are being filmed. I used to thing the Google maps satellite tool was a useful tool until one of my friends had told me that there was a guy from my high school who had a crush on me and he would type in my address on Google maps everyday to see if there were new screen shots of my house. So now I leave you with this question, do you think this new tool is a good advancement to Google maps or is it creepy and maybe a little dangerous?

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I believe that GoogleMap Satallite images is dangerous, and very creepy. I know I don't want people seeing pictures of my house and where I live. I've never been stalked before, and I don't want to start now.
The screenshots are dangerous, and Google should reconsider having that technology at society's fingertips.

I think that the ability to view so close you recognize a house and its basic layout is probably not the best idea. There are certain areas in which Google can't zoom in which is their best idea for stopping people from using google maps to stalk people I believe (in certain areas). I honestly am not so sure why else you would want to zoom in that close other than maybe to recognize a house or building if you're trying to find the place by eye when you use directions. Most people I know are just amazed when they can see where they live from the sky view and go "oh cool, that's my house!" I guess I'd say it can be a creepy tool for stalkers, but it's more likely 60% curiosity, 25% useful and 15% stalking.

This is hilarious that you posted about this because I was on this last night(not in a creepy way) and showed it to my roommate. We were talking about how it is a little scary for stalkers to see exactly what your house looks like, but it is kind of cool!

I do see your point. Google Map can be a useful tool if people used it in a respectable manner. It can help immensely for directions and people who are more visual than reading directions. However, there is a creepy side to this concept of satellite images. I don't think people's homes should be included in google Maps. Satellite images should be used just for finding buildings and not homes.

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