Graduate Programs

The Assmann lab thrives on multidisciplinary approaches to research. There are wide variety of graduate programs at Penn State which can develop and apply their respective talents and disciplines within the Assmann lab. Individuals interested in pursuing graduate research in my lab should feel free to contact me directly (sma3 "at" psu "dot" edu) with information on their background and interests.

Associated Graduate Programs


Individuals interested in pursuing post-doctoral research in my lab should contact me directly (sma3 "at" psu "dot" edu). Applicants should submit a statement of interest and a C.V.

Individuals interested in pursuing undergraduate research should contact David Chakravorty (duc16 "at" psu "dot" edu). David is the undergraduate wrangler, and will be happy to process your application. Take this opportunity NOW to get research experience and buff your C.V. so when it is time for the above two endeavors, you will be way ahead of your peers! APPLY TODAY!

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