I am a professor of political science at Penn State University in the Department of Political Science. My work focuses on political behavior, primarily the dynamics of public opinion and elections. I also work on questions in the field of political methodology. Here my interests focus on dynamics, time series analysis and models for repeated events data. For details on my published research see my CV.

My current work focuses on economics and politics. I'm working on two major projects on the political economy.

Working with Paul Kellstedt (Texas A&M) my work analyzes the "psychological political economy". We ask questions about how politics influence both public attitudes toward the economy and economic outcomes as they unfold over time, as well as how these same things influence Americans' preferences for a more or less activist federal government since WW II. 

In a series of papers Jonathan Nagler (NYU) and I look at what information voters use to form expectations about their economic future. We argue that self-interested and rational voters should not look to a crude measure of the national economy as the best information of future economic benefit to expect from the incumbent. We argue that voters should look for economic indicators that provide them with information about growth and about how growth will be distributed.  We focus in particular on identifying the economic information used by poorer, richer, and middle income Americans to evaluate incumbent Presidents, contributing to the debate on the effects of economic inequality on political opinions and outcomes.

Ongoing methods research analyzes the robustness of commonly used repeated events models under a variety of conditions. Abstracts and paper drafts are posted on my Current Research page.

This spring (2013) I am teaching "The Analysis of Elections".

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