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Facts about Penn State

Penn State is one of the leading comprehensive universities in the United States. Unlike many of its counterparts in the public sector of higher education nationally, Penn State is not owned and operated by the state government. It is an instrumentality of the Commonwealth and has been designated one of four "state-related" universities, but it is separately incorporated, with an independent Board of Trustees. The trustees include the governor and the secretaries of the state Departments of Agriculture, Education, and Environmental Protection as ex officio members. The University sets its own tuition levels and other charges and retains the resulting income for operations. It controls its own purchasing decisions. Penn State's faculty and staff members are employees of the University, not the Commonwealth.

Penn State owes its public character in part to its designation as the Commonwealth's only land-grant university. Land-grant institutions, established by Congress in 1862, assumed a broad mission of teaching, research, and public service in exchange for a modest endowment created through the sale of federal land. Land-grant institutions also agreed to offer instruction at a cost affordable to people of average means. Despite its history as a land-grant university, Penn State's funding structure increasingly resembles that of a research-intensive private university.

More than $850 million of research is conducted at Penn State each year.

Penn State enrolls more than 95,000 students and confers about 20,000 degrees annually. About half of these students are enrolled on the main campus at University Park. The remaining students are distributed among more than 20 other campus locations across Pennsylvania, including the College of Medicine at the Hershey Medical Center.

Penn State has about 700,000 living alumni.

The Smeal College of Business is located on the Penn State's University Park campus. The University Park campus is the academic, research, and administrative hub of the University. There are roughly 5,000 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the Smeal College of Business, and over 85,000 alumni.

More than one thousand corporations and government agencies conduct employment interviews annually at the University Park campus; virtually all Fortune 500 companies visit the campus at least once a year to recruit personnel.

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Penn State news.

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