GETTING FROM XI'AN to ANKANG (September 7, 2011)

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When we left from Xi'an, it had been raining about 3 straight days in the mountains and was predicted to continue for several more days. Because of the terrain in the area, we were told that it could make travel and collections difficult and/or even hazardous. We were told that the local folks in the area were worried for our safety.

Once we started on our three hour drive, we found out why! There were many, many, many rock slides, mud slides, and areas where the road had been washed out. It certainly made for an interesting ride, and put some amount of trepidation about heading up into the steep terrain of the mountains where we'd be getting chestnut samples.


One of the many rock / mud slides we encountered on the way to Ankang.


We did stop at a rest stop along the way, though, where we got to watch the disabled channel (photo courtesy Andy Newhouse).


And experience the surge of emotion water bottle.

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