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Wow.  I can't believe it's been three years since our first trip to explore chestnuts in China.  Thankfully, I'll be going back again here in about a week, this time with a different crew.  It seems like the trip came up so suddenly, although we've been in planning for almost a full year.

The crew this time will be mostly composed of members of Dr. Bill Powell's lab from SUNY-ESF.  These are the guys who have been focused on the molecular side of chestnut breeding, from the mapping of chestnut genomes to transgenic work.  With such a different point of view for this trip, our group will be visiting most of the places we did last time, but instead of visiting each area for several days, we will stay only long enough to collect samples.  We will then take those samples back to a host's lab at Beijing Forestry University for DNA/RNA extraction. 

Keep your eyes out for updates, possibly over the upcoming weekend, or sometime next week!

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