Shirley E. Clark, Ph.D., P.E., D. WRE

Stormwater Management Research Group

Turtle Park, St. Louis, MO



Associate/Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering, Penn State Harrisburg (2003—Present)




Impact of the engineered environment on nature and public health.


Focus: Impact of stormwater runoff on the physical, chemical and biological quality of surface water bodies. Development of effective treatments at the source to reduce chemical impacts of runoff.


Current Project Areas: Effectiveness of structural treatment technologies and non-structural management practices in removing pollutants from urban runoff. Projects address the treatment of low concentrations (but large mass discharges) of toxic pollutants prior to surface or ground water discharge and prevention of runoff pollution. Specific projects include studying the impacts of roofing selection on pollutant runoff concentrations and evaluating the effects on groundwater quality of infiltrating stormwater in native soils and engineered bioretention media. 




Goal: To instill an understanding of how people interact with the environment, particularly the water environment, and how their activities affect the environment.


Course List: Hydrology, Hydraulic Design, Open Channel Hydraulics, Urban Erosion Control, Risk Assessment, Aquatic Chemistry, Water and Wastewater Treatment, Groundwater Hydrology, Introduction to Statistics, Environmental Management for Public Health, First-Year Seminar, Occupational Safety and Environmental Health.

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