Firebug Meetings

Firebug Fall Meeting

This is the first meeting of the dry fire season. We'll initiate all new members with our "Hot Foot" ceremony. Come ready to dance!

Lighting of the Christmas Tree

Just for the Tenderfoots. Light a candle on the tree, then stand back and watch the show! Graduates from the summer program will practice their investigation and firefighting techniques!

Summer of Oblivion Festival of Lights

Well, the Party Planning Committee has outdone themselves this year! This year's theme...Obstacle Course!!! Come show off your skills at detection and firefighting...the Accelerant Sniff...Hot Spot Analyzer...Follow the Money Trail are just a few of this year's challenges. Don't miss the fun!!

Fall Campfire Stomp

Don't miss it...Campfire Stomp - this is a 2-fer - We'll have Cecil Jacobs teach us the 2-Step while the Fire Brigade gets us to put it to goood USE - Camp Fire Stomping