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Eating Bandwidth


Here is some food for thought. In an article from Reuters, the presence of food on the Internet is explored. From YouTube videos showing users step by step how to make a tasty dish to websites where blogs on cooking, recipes, and restaurant reviews are found. Allrecipes.com was the first website on the web to serve up information about recipes and cooking. Sites such as Slashfood.com are home to articles about food as well as exotic recipes. Chow.com and thepioneerwomancooks.com are other websites with cooking and recipe information. Epicurious was the first website to allow user-generated content and to join the Web 2.0 bandwagon that websites such as Chow.com's Facebook's application have used. The presence of recipes on the Internet is just further proof of the variety of information that present on the World Wide Web. So much information, so little time.


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