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Where in the World is Scott? (Beta)

Well, on Sunday, July 22, 2007, starting at 7:34 AM, the blue track on the map is where I was. I was asked to test out the Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS receiver. In order to test the receiver, I attached it to my golf bag as I played Penn State University GC's Blue Course, teeing off at that time. The results of this "experiment" can be seen below. The blue line shows my track (or more precisely, my golf bags' track) through the course.

An interesting area of the track is in the northwest corner of the golf course. It looks as if I am walking through a construction area or dirt. The aerial image backdrop was taken in 2006. Penn State University GC's Blue Course was renovated in 2006. This area is no longer a construction area but now a golf hole. This is an interesting case of how one should not believe everything they see on maps.

You can also see a similar track of mine in white in which I walked the White Course on a different date.

About this map viewer: This map viewer was written completely in Adobe Flex and ActionScript 3 and developed at The GeoVISTA Center. The code for the viewer is loosely based upon OpenLayers, which is a Javascript map viewer. We are dubbing this viewer to be FlexLayers. The FlexLayers code was open-sourced and became the inspiration for the now successful open-source project OpenScales. The background aerial image is pulled from the PASDA WMS site through MetaCarta Labs' TileCache server software. This allows the background image to be drawn quite rapidly. The data behind the overlying blue and white paths are stored in a PostGIS /Postgresql database, and pulled through Geoserver's WFS and rendered on the client with ActionScript graphics.

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