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 Thesis Information
Good news: I have successfully defended my thesis.

Wireless-Mobile GIS is a very rapidly changing field. The technology used such as the hardware, services and software, are changing very fast. However, a framework was set for researching this field. First, the field was researched from applications, to components, to linkages. This framework applies both to current research and future research in the Wireless-Mobile Geographic Information Systems (WMGIS) field. Next a prototype application was researched and created specifically for a task Geodetic Surveyors would perform. This application was built using Wireless Applications Protocol (WAP) standards. It can be viewed on any device that can view Wireless Markup Language (WML) content and GIF images.

The application was developed for Geodetic Surveyors. What it does is: the user enters in the latitude, longitude and radius of their study area. When you click submit, it takes you to a links page. The main link directs you to a page that has a map of geodetic survey markers within the radius entered. The map also has a roads layer on it. The other links include monochrome images of forest, wetlands, and grasslands. The zoom level of the maps and images are determined by the radius entered. Although this application can be viewed on any WAP browser that can view GIF images, it was tested and looks best on a Palm VIIx running the Neomar WAP browser.

I would like to thank my advisor, Dr. Michael Hodgson, Drew Varner (Senior Consultant at Oracle) and Brenda Cook-Schafer (Infogation) for their help.


  Please Note: My thesis is copyrighted © 2002 Scott Pezanowski. If you would like a digital copy, just drop me a note and I will get you one. You are more than welcome to use my thesis in your research as long as you reference it in your bibliography. Thank you.

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